Oil Cleansing for Glowing Skin

Have you ever noticed that people with oily skin have fewer wrinkles? It’s not a coincidence.

Our skin loves healthy oil. Those who use the oil cleansing method often have skin that glows. This is because it has been nourished and thoroughly moisturized.


I first learned about oil cleansing from coworkers at my favourite organic skincare resource, Kolya Naturals. For many years I had been over-cleansing my skin in a desperate attempt to clear acne breakouts and clogged pores. As I have naturally oily skin, it seemed counterintuitive to use more oil to clean my face.

Then I learned about the power of amazing oils such as castor, argan and sea buckthorn (to name a few). They all have unique qualities such as the amazing ability to draw out impurities, nourish, heal, protect, reduce inflammation, or stimulate collagen production (hello, anti-ageing!).



Oil cleansing is suitable for every skin type, and issues ranging from ageing to acne. The way it works is by breaking down grime on our skin without stripping it (unlike traditional surfactant-based cleansers and soaps). This gentle method prevents the skin from overreacting and over-producing more sebaceous oil.

A big bonus is that the avoidance of harsh, drying soaps may prevent premature ageing… And who doesn’t want that?


It’s easy to blend your own oils for a fully custom facial cleanser. This simple recipe (formulated for Oily to Combination skin types) combines castor with other skin-loving oils: grapeseed, jojoba, sea buckthorn, vitamin E, and a few skin-safe essential oils. You can play around with this, as there are many beneficial oils to choose from. Get creative! Those with especially dry or combination skin may want to swap around the quantities of castor oil and jojoba, or replace grapeseed oil with apricot kernel or sesame seed oil. Teenagers and those with extreme acne may wish to avoid coconut oil as it may exacerbate breakouts, and those with mature or sun-damaged skin may want to add in something rich in linoleic and omega fatty acids, such as more rosehip seed or red raspberry.

See our recipe for my DIY Facial Cleansing Oil here!



This beautiful oil cleanser can be used as a deep cleansing treatment for normal, oily and combination to dry skin types.

To use this DIY Facial Cleansing Oil, you will need about a quarter-sized amount (approximately 2 pumps). Massage it into your skin for 30 seconds and then take a warm, damp face cloth, wring it out, and drape the cloth over your face until it cools. Then simply wipe away the excess.

You can stop here and leave your skin as is, add a little oil or moisturizer back if your skin feels too dry, or follow up with your regular skincare routine.

I recommend doing this at night and then simply rinsing in the morning, but sometimes I oil cleanse in the morning too, just because it feels so good! Having healthier, more hydrated skin both looks and feels great, and it’s easier than ever to attain. Happy cleansing!

- Robyne W., Kolya Staff 

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