Our Must-Have Skincare Checklist for Fall

Who doesn’t love autumn? There’s a lot to love about the fall season.

As we make the transition and the temperatures fluctuate, the way our skin reacts to the weather changes too. It’s not just a marketing scheme to switch up your skincare routine for fall. It’s essential for maintaining healthy, balanced skin throughout the entire year.


Our beauty expert Danielle has a few easy tips and product recommendations to switch up your skincare routine for autumn and prepare for cooler days.



Eminence: Kombucha Leave On Masque

Brand new to our shelves and just in time for the drop in temperature- this ultra-nourishing masque will leave parched skin feeling like it has had its eight glasses of water! Apply a generous layer after brisk fall walks or before bed to plump, hydrate, and repair dull and devitalized skin types.

Danielle Says: "I love the luxurious balm-like texture of this masque- it feels like a rich, reparative butter on the skin and I like to leave it on and let it work its magic while I'm working from home or getting ready for bed".


Living Libations: Immortelle Best Skin Ever

Reactive, red, or imbalanced skin? No matter the time of year, sometimes we just need a little extra TLC.

From blemishes and eczema to dry and flaky skin conditions- The Immortelle Best Skin Ever will have you feeling unstoppable as we head into the cooler months.

Danielle Says: "Because this beautiful oil blend can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, and body oil you will never run out of ways to include it in your self-care routine. Try adding a few drops to your favourite serum for a moisture-boost, apply to split ends and dry cuticles, or just rub between palms and inhale deeply for stress-relieving aromatherapy on the go."



Osea: Undaria Algae Body Oil

If you've never tried a body oil, or just haven't found one that you love- this one is sure to be a game changer. With an algae-infused, elasticity boosting formula, and a beautiful fresh scent, you'll look forward to every application of this skin-softening oil.

Danielle Says: "I was already falling in love with this body oil the first time I smelled it- but it was the silky texture and long-lasting moisture that really sealed the deal! I apply it to damp skin right before I get out of the shower which allows me to use much less product while having it absorb deeper into the skin than it would with a dry application. Afterwards, just gently towel off excess water and then enjoy your new baby-soft skin!"




Communion: Botanical Repair Balm

Not all balms are created equally!

This multipurpose botanical potion lives up to its name, repairing and soothing any area that it is applied to.

Danielle Says: "I already know that this magical balm is going to be a go-to product for me this fall and winter! A little bit is all you need to protect and calm dry lips, cuticles, feet, hands, and facial skin.


Esker: Body Plane

What if there was a tool that could banish dead skin right before your eyes?

Meet the Body Plane!

This unique tool effectively removes excess skin cells and preps skin to better absorb your favourite hydrating body lotions and oils.

Danielle Says: "Not going to lie- I'm a bit obsessed with using this tool and seeing all of the dead skin coming off each time, it's equal parts kind of gross and so, SO satisfying!"



The Body Deli: Blueberry Fusion Cleanser

An exfoliating fruit smoothie for your face! This enzymatic treatment cleanser thoroughly resurfaces skin to reveal a smoother, more even complexion.

Danielle Says: "For a deep cleansing and pore-refining treat, I love to massage it onto damp skin in the shower and let it sit for a minute or two while I'm washing/ conditioning my hair or shaving".


Ayuna: Yan You Powder

We all know that we need probiotics internally for optimum gut health and digestion, but did you know that they can also be incredibly powerful as a topical treatment?

Ayuna's Yan You Powder harnesses the healing capabilities of probiotics, electrolytes, and natural sugars to transform and reverse dullness, hyperpigmentation, and large pores.

Danielle Says: "Once activated with water, this powder comes to life and works quickly to brighten, refine, and protect all skin types. In just a few short weeks your skin will glow with renewed radiance and perfect balance."


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