'A fermented probiotic may be the right choice', by Whole Earth & Sea

There are thousands of probiotics out there. Many of the probiotics on the market target specific areas of need or are specially formulated for women, children, or older adults. We know probiotics are beneficial, but there are many strains, strengths, and varieties. So which kind do you need?

There are countless variations of live culture content in different types of probiotics. While millions or billions of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in each capsule may not be something of immediate concern to everyone, the information is meaningful. Our chief concern when we read the label may simply be that the product will support gastrointestinal health, but knowing that these strains are included to promote favourable gut flora is a comfort.


Many probiotic formulations require refrigeration.

In general, probiotic supplements should be shelf-stable and easy to travel with. We want to be able to take them wherever we go to support our digestive health, which is a concern many people have when they are away from home or their daily routines.

Of course, probiotics are not just for travel. Many of us rely on probiotics to support healthy digestion and promote regular bowel movements. In recent years, there has been a great deal of focus on how our intestinal microflora contributes to our overall wellness. Yes, this means that if our gut bacteria are imbalanced, we can experience changes in mood and physical well-being, making probiotics an essential part of our supplement routine. When our intestinal microflora is flourishing and in good health, we tend to feel better both mentally and physically.


In terms of a probiotic that can tick a lot of the boxes, imagine shelf-stable digestive support with the added benefits of fermented foods, called prebiotics. When you ferment fruit (which contain fibre), these become the prebiotics in the blend. Prebiotics then feed or act as a fuel source for probiotics. This is why foods such as oat, pears, and apples with high soluble fibres act as prebiotics.

Whole Earth & Sea® Fermented Whole Food Probiotic with Pre & Postbiotics is a source of probiotics mixed with an organic fermented prebiotic blend of apples, blueberries, cranberries, broccoli, carrots, kale, parsley, and spinach to promote the balance you may be seeking. The wholefood probiotics in this formula are cultured using natural foods as the growth medium, meaning that the body accepts these beneficial live bacteria more easily. This process then forms postbiotics to help create an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria instead of harmful bacteria.


When you add fermented foods to probiotics, the beneficial bacteria work together to help reduce the frequency of uncomfortable gas, constipation, and irregularity. Natural fermentation processes promote favourable gut flora like nothing else; think sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, or kefir. All those wonderful products are teeming with great gut-friendly bacteria. Our wholefood probiotic blend with prebiotics optimizes the gut environment to help create these beneficial postbiotics.

Shelf-stable and gastric acid-resistant, this probiotic formula provides complete gastrointestinal support through clinically proven strains. It is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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