As Mitochondrial Health Goes Mainstream For Longevity & Rejuvenation, We Were WAY Ahead of the Curve!

What is starting to be "discovered", is what we've been saying for decades...i.e that mitochondrial health isn't only central to your energy production, but to countless aspects of wellness and disease.

Whatever the condition, positive or negative, considering mitochondrial health is key!

Yet some of you will say, "But, I thought it was inflammation that was at the root of virtually all disease?"  Aye, and there's the rub: As we have been saying since 2002, excess inflammation inhibits mitochondrial function. Hence, they are inextricably bound, both critical and central.

I still vividly remember in 2002, when I was explaining to a client how critical oxygen utilization is.

It was then that the relationship between inflammation/oxidation/ mitochondria and pH fell into place for me, and continued to develop. In 2005 I drew out the hand-written version of the "Biggs Model of Inflammation Versus Mitochondrial Function" for a talk I was doing (see Figure 1 below), the official version of which was registered for copyright in 2014.  I still use this original diagram today, and since then thousands of our clients have seen it in counselling sessions.

Since 2001, we have been recommending mitochondrial support in many forms

such as Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha-Lipoic AcidNAC (for glutathione, etc.), and with the emergence of PQQ, came out with our Cell Fuel formula that combines them all.



At the same time, the first product in our Optimum Health supplement line was Opti-A.I. (Anti-Inflammatory), which launched in 2001. We also took this a step further with products like Opti-Alkaline for optimal pH, which is directly impacted when the mitochondria stops using oxygen properly, and a cell switches over to anaerobic metabolism, which produces lactic acid.

Since then we have helped innumerable people transform their health using these concepts as roadmaps and strategies for wellness.

Now large and important companies such as Natural Factors, and their team of researchers, are starting to embrace the central importance of addressing mitochondrial function and inflammation for rejuvenation. 

I am giving them a shout-out, and saying 'important' because Natural Factors has the means to reach millions of people with this information, and I believe our two companies' goals are in alignment. The significance of mitochondrial health is reflected in the Natural Factors new RegenerLife line of products, featured in their January flyer.

Natural Factors, and its owner, Roland Gahler, are truly committed to making a positive difference to humanity, as we at Optimum Health and Kolya have always been.

As terms such as "healthspan" start to become more common, (referring to the portion of your life where you are fully functional and able), many of us are going to start asking, as we always have, how to extend this functionality? The answers are found above, with Optimum Health and Natural Factors.

At Optimum Health, we have been ahead of the curve on this one, and I think the curve is only just starting to peak.

Still on the cutting edge! 

Cheers and Be well,



Figure 1.

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