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Protein is an essential macronutrient. The body contains around 10,000 different proteins that are required for basic functioning. Proteins are most known for supporting the growth and maintenance of bones, muscles, hair, skin and nails. Beyond that, they also contribute to our digestive, mental, hormonal, cardiovascular and immune health.

Proteins are the building blocks of enzymes, triggering biochemical reactions in the body, including digestion. Amino acids, the building blocks of individual proteins, are precursors to neurotransmitters in the brain. And metalloproteins, byproducts of amino acids found in our red blood cells, are responsible for transporting oxygen through our blood. Protein is also part of the structural framework of our hormones, governing reproductive and mental health, as well as our ability to respond to stress. Without protein, we would not function well - we would not function at all!


Necessary Protein Consumption

Eating enough protein can be challenging. The National Academy of Medicine recommends 10-35% of your daily calories come from protein or that you eat 7 grams for every 20 lbs of body weight every day. For a 160lb individual, that would mean 56g of protein per day, or roughly three 18g meals. To simplify, aim for approximately 20g of protein at every meal. For you, this might mean animal protein, or it could also be entirely plant-based.

That’s where our vegan protein powders come in. Each of our vegan protein powders contains at least 20g of protein per serving, and can be used as a quick, on-the-go snack or as a very supportive plant-based meal throughout the day. One of the benefits of plant-based proteins is the negligible amount of saturated fat they contain in comparison to their animal counterparts. One cup of lentils, for example, will provide you with 18g of protein, 15 g of fibre and next to no saturated fat, making it a heart-healthy answer to your protein requirements.


Benefits of Choosing Raw Vegan Proteins

While protein quantity is important, where this macronutrient comes from is even more important! Our Raw Organic All-In-One Shake provides you with clean vegan protein from raw, organic peas, sprouted beans, seeds and grains and is free from fillers, additives and preservatives. This vegan formula is packed with 44 different superfoods, as well as additional greens, fibre, probiotics and enzymes. This is your answer to simple, whole food nutrition, now in four delicious flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla, Lightly Sweetened and NEW Vanilla Chai!

All our vegan sourced proteins are kept raw. The heat normally used in the production of protein supplements denatures the proteins and reduces their use in the body. Our Certified Organic plant proteins are instead processed gently and at low temperatures. Working this way preserves amino acid integrity, which is vital to immune system strength.

Our Raw Organic Protein is another great raw vegan option! It contains 22g of protein, plus 4g of additional BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) for added muscle-building benefits. This formula is substantiated further with added fat-soluble vitamins, 1.5 billion CFU of live probiotics per serving, and enzymes to increase digestion and absorption of nutrients. Our Raw Organic Protein contains RAW Food-Created fat-soluble vitamins, a viable vegan version of traditionally animal-sourced fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It is an excellent part of a healthy diet and contributes to the daily build and repair of muscle fibres. Raw Organic Protein comes in chocolate, vanilla and unflavoured options.

All our vegan proteins contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass when paired with a healthy and active lifestyle, and are a strong contributor to healthy immune maintenance.


Protein & Immune Health

Amino acids are the building blocks that make up proteins. There are 9 essential amino acids. These amino acids are “essential” because they must be derived from food. Our body requires over 20 different amino acids to function properly, many of which are made by the body through the consumption of essential amino acid-rich foods. Protein malnutrition can lead to stunted growth, decreased muscle mass, a weakened cardiovascular system and reduced immune strength. Many vegan protein sources contain an array of amino acids and when paired with a diverse plant-based diet, give the body everything it requires to be healthy and strong.

We can come into contact with many harmful bacteria throughout the day. A strong immune system allows us to attack these microbes as they enter and before they can interfere with our systems. The human immune system has two layers; innate and adaptive immunity. Our innate immunity is, well, innate and comes in the form of physical barriers such as skin, mucous, stomach acid and enzymes. Our adaptive immunity is learned. When presented with pathogens, the body learns to fend them off through creating specific antibodies.


The Role of Amino Acids

Protein deficiency increases our susceptibility to infectious disease. This is due to a reduced concentration of amino acids. Amino acids play an important role in regulating our immune responses. They work to activate the immune cells responsible for antibody production (T and B lymphocytes). Amino acids are also vital to our natural killer cells, macrophages, and cytokines, all of which contribute to our adaptive immunity.

Specific amino acids play prominent roles in these processes. Amino acids; glutamine, arginine and cysteine, for example, are key! They are important considerations in protein supplementation treatments. Glutamine is a versatile amino acid, used in great abundance by our immune cells. Arginine has tissue-specific properties, enhancing cellular immune mechanisms. Consuming enough quality protein and amino acid rich foods is key to supporting optimal functioning of our immune systems.

Daily protein supplementation with cleanly sourced, raw produced, vegan protein powders contributes to the maintenance of a healthy immune system, as well as supporting overall physical and mental wellbeing. As we aim towards those daily recommendations for protein consumption, consider making your day delicious, with chocolate or lightly sweetened Raw Organic All-In-One. And check all the boxes for the whole food nutrition that you need!


Raw Organic All-In-One: NPN 80104922

Raw Organic Protein: NPN 80079939



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