Do you struggle to wake-up? Try this quick remedy!

One of the biggest struggles for many, including myself, is to wake up in the morning and actually feel awake! This was until I discovered the Mental Energy formula. For decades I have found it EXTREMELY helpful.


Long ago I started setting my alarm and taking this formula 40 minutes to an hour before I actually wanted to get up. It was a godsend because it eliminated the daily struggle to wake up early and get moving with a clear mind and an "awake brain".

The Mental Energy formula does contain caffeine in the herb Kola Nut, but only 30mg per cap. (One cup... 250ml of coffee contains approx 80 to 180mg). Most people who use Mental Energy this way take two to three capsules.


(take 40 min before you want to be alert)
2-3 caps Mental Energy
2 caps Cell Fuel
3 caps Acetyl-L-Carnitine


Yet this adaptogenic formula contains much more than just a stimulant:

  • Ginkgo biloba and Beetroot to bring blood and oxygen to the brain
  • Siberian Ginseng for energy and stress
  • Gotu Kola and Fo Ti for brain function and memory
  • Wood betony, Echinacea, Garlic and Astragalus to enhance mood, calmness and immunity
  • Dulse and Cayenne for trace minerals, thyroid support and to enhance absorption


It can also be used later in the afternoon, depending on a person's schedule or stamina... or with meals if a less pronounced effect is desired.

As with coffee, some individuals find it a bit overstimulating, or that it can cause mild anxiety, but many love it.


There are also other mentally supportive or stimulating things you can take along with it, like Acetyl-L-carnitine to increase dopamine levels, Micro-PQQ or Alpha-Lipoic Acid for mitochondrial and nervous system support, or Cell Fuel which contains all three plus coenzyme Q-10 as ubiquinol and NAC for glutathione.

So if you need to get-up, get-going and be alert, know that this strategy can eliminate the drudgery of dragging yourself out of bed.

Much more on better brain function coming up in next month's articles.


Be well,


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