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Hi! We’re Healthology. Healthology started as a concept. Our premise was “What would happen if a company put 100% of their effort and resources into improving the health of their customers”? What if our singular focus was to make people more aware of their health and to formulate the best possible health products, based on science, with no shortcuts for the sake of a little extra profit? We then thought, what if we could also make the world a better, happier place in our own little way? Wouldn’t that be great! Out of these 2 thoughts, Healthology was born.

All of us at Healthology share the belief that your health is in your hands and that you need to take control and nurture it for a long and healthy life. We also believe in giving back and making our communities better, because health and happiness should go hand in hand. There are so many little ways we can give back, and we hope you join our social communities to spread some love and joy (more on that below).

Building A Healthier You

At Healthology we want to ‘Build A Healthier You’. We do this in three ways. First, we provide health information that you can use to better your total health every day. Second, you can communicate directly with us to ask questions. You can do this on our website, social channels, phone, or email. We are here to help you in any way we can. Finally, we provide high end formulations and products that are guaranteed to work or your money back. Simply put, we stand behind our products 100%. In our opinion, they are the best.

Healthology Products

We are proud of many things, but we are most proud of our products. Amazing formulas yield amazing results and we cannot wait for you to try them. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Is the ultimate formula to repair your intestinal tract lining, heal inflammation, support healthy gut flora, and restore your gut health. More details


Provides a gentle, effective solution for occasional constipation. It works to hydrate and soften the stool, promote peristalsis, soothe the gut lining, and promotes bowel movements. More details


Is a complete formulation that helps you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and achieve deep, restful sleep. It works by enhancing the body’s natural sleep hormone pattern so that you enter all five stages of a healthy sleep. More details.


Formulated to help us alleviate stress by lowering cortisol levels and promotes relaxation by boosting our calming hormone, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid). STRESS-FX improves mental clarity, anxiety, and memory, while helping us to recover more quickly from the physical and mental stressors of daily life. More details


Works by supporting the lungs’ natural defense systems. It contains expectorants to help break down mucus, promotes detoxification to protect the lungs from damage caused by pollutants and toxins. It also contains anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to heal and soothe damaged lung tissue. More details.


Helps maintain and support cardiovascular health by lowering total blood and LDL (bad) cholesterol and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It supports overall cardiovascular health with the addition of the powerful antioxidant, ubiquinol (Active CoQ10). More details.

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100% Canadian Content

Healthology is proudly a 100% Canadian company

Healthology is a 100% Canadian company. All of the products are made in Canada. All of the employees and ownership are Canadian. We are Canadian like maple syrup, or hockey, or poutine. You get the point! Supporting Canadian companies is always a good thing. If you find a product that fits your health goals, we hope you support us.

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