'Healthy at Any Age: The Power of Positive Aging', by Prairie Naturals

'Growing older is a gift. Aging is the inevitable combination of physiological changes in our bodies and the environmental factors we are exposed to. How we age is influenced by a series of factors including:

  • Genetics
  • Inadequate nutritional intake
  • Acidosis
  • Free radical damage
  • Stress & malabsorption
  • Enzyme depletion


Positive aging is the practice of embracing health and happiness in all stages of life physically, mentally, and socially. Aging positively means embracing the natural process of maturity, and actively working to maintain physical and mental health so we remain strong, vibrant, and active thru all our years.


Keeping the cardiovascular system in good condition is one of the best strategies for creating overall good health. As we age, our heart and circulatory system becomes increasingly vulnerable to diseases linked to inflammation. When high cholesterol levels accumulate in inflamed areas of blood vessels, a reduction, or even a blockage of blood flow occurs. Cholesterol is carried through the bloodstream attached to two different compounds called lipoproteins: low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL). LDL is commonly known as the "bad cholesterol." HDL is known as the "good cholesterol," transporting good fats in the blood to cells or back to the liver to be recycled or eliminated from the body. With literally hundreds of studies showing that commonly prescribed drugs have dangerous adverse side effects, it’s only natural that people want a safe and effective solution to their cholesterol problem.


Sytrinol, a patented citrus fruit peel extract with antioxidant properties lowers cholesterol in 30 days. Sytrinol has a natural product number (NPN) and is licensed by Health Canada for the reduction of serum triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. It also helps improve the LDL: HDL cholesterol ratio while maintaining and supporting cardiovascular health. The therapeutic ingredients in Sytrinol are also powerful antioxidants that help to control inflammation, inhibit arterial plaque formation, and reduce blood platelet aggregation (clumping). Three separate studies showed that taking 300 mg of Sytrinol a day for four weeks lowered total cholesterol by 25 to 30 per cent. Sytrinol also lowered “bad” LDL cholesterol by 19 to 22 percent and triglycerides by 24 to 34 per cent.


Also supporting cardiovascular and cognitive health, CoEnzyme Q10 has been shown to boost antioxidant defences and prevent oxidative stress in people with atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Sufficient quantities of CoEnzyme Q10 are needed for optimizing mitochondrial function, an essential factor for healthy aging. Combining CoEnzyme Q10 with Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), affords both potent cardio protection and optimal defense against premature aging of the brain.


There is a strong connection between the health of the heart and brain. By keeping the heart healthy, we also lower the risk for brain problems such as stroke and dementia. Heart disease, stroke, and vascular dementia are preventable with lifestyle choices and regular supplementation with neuro and cardio protective supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, Bacopa and Omega 3 fatty acids. All of these powerful nootropics work to enhance memory, improve energy and support overall cognitive wellness.


Positive aging is a movement toward celebrating the aging process. We age a little every day, so embrace every age, and every stage of your life by following these 10 Steps to Positive Aging:

  1. Eat nutrient-dense foods in their most natural state.
  2. Get adequate sleep and manage stress levels.
  3. Choose more plant-source proteins.
  4. Minimize alcohol consumption.
  5. Drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  6. Practice yoga & meditation.
  7. Eat more nuts & seeds.
  8. Express appreciation.
  9. Be physically active.
  10. Be mentally active.'

by Prairie Naturals


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