How To Effectively Unleash More Energy From Your Oxygen

We so often hear about essential roles for various nutrients, but no one would question that the most crucial element for "surviving and thriving" is oxygen.

No Oxygen, No Energy

Most of us have heard the rule of thumb regarding survival: i.e. 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water...3 minutes without oxygen!

So what role does oxygen play that makes it so crucial?

In general, it plays a single vital role in energy production in our cellular furnaces called mitochondria. No oxygen = no energy, and without energy our cells dysfunction and die. The opposite is equally true. With good mitochondrial function comes all facets of improved health and cellular function.

Cells of the Central Nervous System are Particularly Energy-Hungry

Whereas you can cut off circulation to your limbs for prolonged periods, and still achieve full recovery, try cutting off oxygen to your brain! 3 minutes for most of us and brain damage sets in.

This is because the peripheral tissues are better equipped to deal with anaerobic metabolism...i.e. energy production in the absence of oxygen. However, the cells of your brain and central nervous system are not! They are heavily dependent on aerobic energy production...i.e. that which uses oxygen to produce energy via the mitochondria.

So if you've ever been in a casino where they pump oxygen into the air, and experienced how much more awake and resistant to stress influences (like fatigue) it makes you, you will get the idea of how much better oxygen can make you feel.

How to Get More out of Your Oxygen

There are two ways to increase oxygen.

  1. Increase the amount of oxygen getting to your brain and tissues.
  2. Help the mitochondria utilize the oxygen it is receiving more efficiently.

Such is the basis for our formula called Cell Fuel®.

Ever since 2001 when I began studying Functional Medicine, and listened to highly-revered researcher Bruce Ames present his findings on acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid, I have studied the crucial role that healthy mitochondria play in well-being.

  • Want to stay young, and achieve the energy of youth? Support your mitochondria!

  • Want to avoid inflammation, and prevent all kinds of diseases such as cancer and neurological conditions? Support your mitochondria!

  • Want better brain function? Support your mitochondria!

And on and on the list goes. In fact, the number of metabolically active cell-types that function properly without good oxygen and energy levels is exactly zero. On the other hand, with the exception of red blood cells, whose job it is to transport and drop-off oxygen, the active cell types that function more effectively with better oxygen utilization are... all of them!

One Formula, Comprehensive Support

So for well over a decade at Optimum Health we have been major advocates of mitochondrial health, with support supplements such as Co-enzyme Q10, acetyl-L-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, NAC, and PQQ for generating new mitochondria.

Yet until recently we never took the step of putting them all together in a single formula...that is until now with our new formula called Cell Fuel®.

Cell Fuel® utilizes the better-absorbed ubiquinol as its form of CoQ10, which plays a direct vital role in mitochondrial energy production. It includes acetyl-L-carnitine to improve a mitochondrial efficiency factor called cardiolipin, alpha-lipoic acid as a free-radical sponge, and NAC to increase glutathione...all in meaningful amounts. And as far as we know, Optimum Health Vitamins is the first Canadian company to utilize Micro-PQQ in its products.

Choosing the Most Effective Nutrients Makes a Difference

You see, the original Bio-PQQ has good studies backing it for generating new mitochondria (a process called "Mitochondrial Biogenesis"), and for providing brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular benefits. The only problem with BioPQQ is its short half-life in the body...2 hours and very little is still present in the blood!

To get around this short-coming the makers of BioPQQ have now come out with Micro-PQQ which uses a timed-release matrix to sustain blood-levels for up to 9 hours.

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It is hard to overstate the significance of better oxygen utilization. So, instead of being focused solely on how much oxygen you are getting, this formula offers a way to improve how you use it by increasing mitochondrial efficiency.

Expect Fast Results

The good thing is, you don't need to take Cell Fuel® on faith for weeks to see whether it is going to work! Many have noticed results more or less immediately.

As indicated on the bottle, the recommended dosage is two capsules per day, either both in the morning, or split morning and afternoon. (The latter can be very helpful for those who get the afternoon nods after lunch.)

"It's the result that counts", and at Optimum Health, we have been about producing desired results since 1993. It's all part of our ongoing quest to help people be more healthy, happy, and to live better!


Continue to be well.


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