How to Grow New Mitochondria To Live Better

We are starting to hear a lot about mitochondria and how to help them function better. One of the feedback questions I have been getting is "Just what are mitochondria, and why are they so important?"

Mitochondria are the cellular organelles that produce our energy. You can think of them as cellular batteries, or tiny electrical plants.

Hence without them, no processes in your body can take place! Nothing runs. Blood can't be pumped, air can't be be can't happen!

Yet, like everything else in our bodies, mitochondria age. Like a city that cannot produce enough electricity to power all its grids because its generating stations are old, so too our cells' aging mitochondria start to fail, and need to be replaced by new ones. This happens through a process called "mitochondrial biogenesis". [1]

At least, we hope it happens! If our mitochondria are in bad shape, or can't replace themselves this can be extremely problematic. For example, having an unhealthy/poor mitochondrial reserve has been implicated in worsening the severity and length of Covid infections, i.e. long-haul Covid. [2] This could easily be extrapolated to recovery from illness or injury in general.

Ever wonder why young people recover so quickly? In large, because of their young mitochondria and high cellular energy reserves.


This begs the question: "Is there anything I can consume that will help me more quickly and easily generate fresh mitochondria to power my body?" 

The answer is yes, and that substance is PQQ or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone. [1] Not only does PQQ help generate new mitochondria, it also protects and restores their function. [1] [3] This has a particularly notable effect on brain function, as discussed in the article below.

Our Opti-MicroPQQ® is a trademarked, slow-release form of PQQ, which maintains blood levels for dramatically longer than the regular form. (Up to 9 hours vs. 2...see article below.)


It is a supplement that both I and my clients have quickly noticed results from for energy and alertness. Opti-MicroPQQ® is water soluble, so does not need to be taken with food, and at a one capsule a day, dosing it is very convenient.

MicroPQQ® is also one of the ingredients in our Cell Fuel® mitochondrial formula. In fact, it was what motivated assembling the formula, because in addition to our other core mitochondrial support nutrients, it added still more unique benefits. If you have tried it, you know why it is one of our most popular supplements for energy and well-being. (For more information on Cell Fuel®, see How To Effectively Unleash More Energy From Your Oxygen)

Even our 13 year old Morky dog has benefitted from Opti-MicroPQQ®.  I give it to her (about 1/4 of a capsule at a time) to help keep her frisky and energetic!

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What Are The Health Benefits Of PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)?

Is this new vitamin-like compound a missing link to more energy & better brain-power?

Exciting research has some asking if a new vitamin-like compound is a missing link to more energy and better brain-power....and now there is a form that is even more effective.

In 2003, a new B-vitamin-like compound called pyrroloquinoline quinone, or "PQQ" was identified as playing a necessary metabolic co-factor role in mammals. [1] Since then PQQ has been shown to help generate physical energy, maintain optimal brain and cognitive function, support cardiovascular health, play roles in reproduction and immunity, and to possess far-reaching antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties. [2] [3]

PQQ's effects are exerted where your energy is produced, i.e. in the tiny cellular power generators known as "mitochondria".

PQQ health benefits mitocondriaAt Optimum Health we have been discussing with our clients and customers for over 15 years how preserving and promoting healthy function of your mitochondria is one of the absolutely most important measures we can take to protect health....period! Yet, back then few people knew what we were talking about.

This is now changing largely due to the direct connection between impaired mitochondrial function and brain/neurological problems ushering in a new understanding of just how critical our mitochondria are.

You see when oxidative and free-radical stress gets too high, mitochondrial function is impaired and cell death can follow. This is particularly true in the cells of our brain and central nervous system (CNS). [4] Such CNS "neuronal vulnerability" can be of major consequence in diseases such as Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's, and Parkinson's diseases, (not to mention memory-loss and cognitive impairment) currently ravaging modern society. [5] Mitochondria are being considered as a key target to offset such effects. [5]

PQQ is a breakthrough for mitochondrial health, not only because it's potent antioxidant effects protect and boost energy production, but also because it is one of the rare substances that will increase the number of mitochondria in your cells...a process referred to as "mitochondrial biogenesis". [6]

oxygen and PQQHaving more mitochondria means greater energy production, and this is particularly relevant to tissues like the brain and central nervous system that are highly dependent on oxygen supply and mitochondria for their function.

To quickly illustrate the brains dependency on oxygen, imagine putting a tight tourniquet around your arm. With blood and oxygen flow cut-off, in 10 minutes the arm may be purple and numb, but remove the tourniquet and function will slowly return to normal.

Now consider what would happen if you cut off your air supply to your brain. Three minutes without oxygen and most of us will be experiencing brain damage. (Remember, the reason we need oxygen in the first place is because our mitochondria consume it to produce energy.)

Not only has PQQ been shown to support your mitochondrial function, and be protective against brain injury from low oxygen [7], but the results of a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled study of 41 elderly subjects using a particular trademarked form of PQQ called BioPQQ™ suggested that administering 20mg per day for 12 weeks "can prevent reduction of brain function in aged persons, Opti Micro PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Supplementespecially in attention and working memory.", as stated by the authors. [7]

So, by supporting mitochondrial function, and increasing the number of mitochondria we have in our cells, PQQ can not only enhance our energy, but in the process our brain-power and overall health as well.

Recently, the makers of BioPQQ™ have come out with a timed-released "MicroActive" version called MicroPQQ™. It has been shown to achieve better absorption, and to sustain blood plasma levels up to 2.2x more effectively than regular BioPQQ for up to 9 hours, instead of falling back to baseline levels. [9]

Optimum Health has incorporated MicroPQQ™ into two of its latest products, i.e. Opti-MicroPQQ® 20mg, and Cell Fuel®, where it is found with other complementary mitochondrial support substances.

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