How to Immediately Improve your 'Performance'

When people hear the word "performance" they automatically think athletics, bedroom or brain. And guess what these three these have in common? All three are highly dependent on energy produced by our cellular furnaces called mitochondria, which use-up oxygen in the process. So if you want better "performance" in any of these areas pay attention!


According to Catherine Willner M.D. of the Institute for Functional Medicine, (mitochondrial specialist), the two tissues that have the highest concentration of oxygen-using, energy-producing mitochondria are the adrenals and the gonads.

Do you think your adrenals or gonads might play a role in athletics or bedroom performance?

Try engaging in sports with fatigued adrenals!

Also, as we talked about recently, mitochondria are actually the principle site where our sex-hormones are produced! So for sex-drive vibrant mitochondria are essential.

Add to this the fact that your brain is absolutely dependent on oxygen and hence the function of your mitochondria, (not to mention healthy aging), and you get the picture. Clear thinking and performance are out the window if your mitochondria are offline!



Want better "performance" athletically? Increase your mitochondrial output and density!

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Want better "performance" in the bedroom? Tune-up your mitochondria !

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Want better brain performance? Improve the efficiency of, and the NUMBER OF mitochondria in your brain!

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If you've been a subscriber to our newsletter for a while you'll know that I am a huge supporter of improving your mitochondria to improve your life quality, and improving your "performance" is only the beginning!

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