Opti-Potency Oregano MAX or Opti-Smooth Oregano Oil: What's The Difference?

We have just re-introduced a second Oregano Oil product into our Optimum Health Vitamins brand....our Opti-Smooth Oregano Oil. The obvious question that arises is "What's the difference between this product and our top-selling Oregano Max?"

The first and most noticeable difference is consistent with the product names:

Oregano Max for immune support Opti-Potency Oregano Max - as the name implies the new batch of this is uber strong. Some like this feature...the stronger the better.

This is the minutiflorum species of Oregano, shown in a 2012 UBC study to have the greatest antimicrobial activity of the oregano species tested. [1]

But some people just can't hack the MAX. For such folks, or for first-time users we now have an awesome alternative:

We have brought back our Opti-Smooth Oregano Oil. This is also pretty strong but you can bypass most of the burn simply by swallowing right away. If you hold it and distribute it around your mouth it has a good kick also. This is the vulgare species of oregano. It is still potent...just easier to swallow than the MAX.

It has been our experience that the Opti-Smooth is highly anti-inflammatory and you can use it effectively for many applications.

Opti Smooth Oil of Oregano for colds & flu For example....Our delivery driver got bit by a wasp and it was giving him pain and discomfort up his legs and groin. I had a sample bottle of Opti-Smooth. He took a shot and said it helped the pain in about 30 seconds. 

I recently slipped on the ice and put my back, spine and sacrum out. Over the weekend it helped my pain every time I took it until I got in to see the chiropractor.

Recently one of the ladies in our office had a rash from a reaction to something, and said it was itching like crazy. Gave her some Opti-Smooth to try internally and within about 5 minutes, she said the itching had noticeably improved.

Consistent with the title of a book on oil of oregano called The Cure Is In The Cupboard, our experience has been that keeping oregano oil handy can be invaluable as a health aid, whether you are beating the bug, or using it for a plethora of other applications.

So whether it is the high-test MAX or the easier to swallow Opti-Smooth, our oregano oils have been carefully chosen, as have the olive oils they are in, to appeal to most everyone.

Be well,

John Biggs, BSc, NCP, OHP

Owner, Optimum Health Vitamins 

John Biggs owner of Optimum Health Vitamins in Edmonton


[1] https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/3f15/036887241531a89a97451db0633e36fe0dff.pdf

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