Optimum Health Tip: Silver Spray For The Inside Of Your Mask

One of the things we have seen a lot since people started wearing masks is facial rashes as a result. Not a big surprise if you consider all the bacteria that can build up.

For those of you who are concerned about this issue, one very simple trick you can use is to spray the inside of your mask with Opti-Silver Solution before you put it on. Just get a 2 - 4 oz. pump bottle, and spray the inside of the mask before you put it on. This is easy to carry around with you. If you don't like the wet sensation, it only takes a minute or two for the water to evaporate before placing the mask on your face. What's left is the silver, which creates an effective barrier against bacterial build-up.

Personally I have found that as long as you don't soak the mask but just spray the inside surface of it 4 or 5 times then put it on immediately you only notice it for a few seconds.

As I have said before, often some of the best applications for Silver Solution are in a topical spray form, and the mask issue is a great example.

As we always say, "It's the result that counts" and this is something that I have found works extremely well.

Here's to living better!

John Biggs, BSc, NCP, OHP

Owner, Optimum Health Vitamins 

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