How to Protect Both Your Lungs & Immunity at the Same Time

Life on earth started with bacteria, which were, and are fully dependent on always having an external source of food energy [1] (If the food runs out, they shut down.) But then one day a smaller bacteria invaded a larger bacteria, and "set up shop". [2] Due to this new partnership, the host cell could now take in external food, and have its newly acquired internal power plants, the mitochondria, burn it, using oxygen to produce energy. [1]

Cooling the Flames of Energy Production

The difficulty was that just like a gasoline engine, this burning (oxidation) of food energy required a coolant (an antioxidant). One of the antioxidants that first evolved to achieve this was glutathione, found in virtually all eukaryotic (higher) cells and organisms, and even in some bacteria. [3]

In fact your mitochondria and energy production are absolutely reliant on glutathione for their function.[4] If they don't have glutathione to cool the heat of oxidation, your mitochondria overheat and your cells "catch on fire", i.e. become inflamed. [4]

Glutathione is also critical for the immune system and the lungs

On the other hand, inflammation is utilized by our immune system to protect us, by hopefully achieving a "controlled burn" on foreign pathogens like viruses, bacteria, etc.[5] And what do you think the body uses to prevent this inflammatory "burn" from getting out of control? You guessed it ....glutathione! [5] Conversely, if glutathione levels are low, there is an increased likelihood for a "cytokine storm" to develop. Though it may kill the bugs, this dramatically inflames your tissues, especially the lungs. [6][7][8]

Therefore it's not surprising that increasing glutathione can be helpful almost immediately, and keep you out of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. [6][9]

A Shield Against Lung Inflammation

As the author (Rahman) states in the paper, "Regulation of Glutathione in Inflammation and Chronic Lung Diseases":

"Oxidant/antioxidant imbalance, a major cause of cell damage, is the hallmark for lung inflammation. Glutathione (GSH), a ubiquitous tripeptide thiol, is a vital intra- and extra-cellular protective antioxidant against oxidative stress, which plays a key role in the control of signaling and pro-inflammatory processes in the lungs." [10]

So when you are fighting an infection, and it settles in your lungs, and they feel like they are on fire, (because in a sense they are), do you think it might be helpful to optimize your levels of glutathione?

NACET: A Superior Form of NAC

As we have discussed many times in past blogs, NAC is an effective precursor for converting to glutathione... But, NACET is much more effective! [11] This is because it is made up of long chains of NAC linked together and is up to 6X more bioavailable. (Do You Need to Protect Your Liver While Cleansing?, Sharpen Your Focus And Improve Concentration Without Stimulants)

NACET is highly penetrating of cell membranes, and once in the cell it slowly breaks down, producing a steady stream of glutathione (rather than a spike, followed by a drop-off). [11]

A Unique & Powerful Formula

The only product we have found which supplies NACET is GSH+ by Salvation Nutraceuticals. In addition (as discussed in the blogs above) it also includes an extremely broad range of glutathione cofactors to help it function. My experience personally, as well as with clients and staff, has been that GSH+ is a superior daily supplement for glutathione production.

Further, it is my opinion that the best glutathione is that which your body produces.  Once NACET penetrates all of your cells, and gets them producing glutathione, you get maximum benefits, which I found occurred after about 3 months. Yet many notice results almost immediately. (See below.)

Glutathione is all about balance, and your cells do hit a ceiling.[11]  This is because the body can sense when to stop increasing its production.[4] Remember, that we do need some heat (oxidation), and flame (inflammation) to survive. In western society we just tend to have far too much of them.

Supplements like GSH+ simply help you find the ideal equilibrium.


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Real users experiences with GSH+ Ultimate Glutathione


"Sometimes I take supplements and I don't notice a big difference. It's sort of like getting an oil change in my car... I can't tell the difference when I drive my car afterwards, but I know that the oil change is necessary to have a well-functioning, long-lasting vehicle. But then, there are supplements that make me feel better almost immediately! I tried a bottle of GSH+ (just 3 capsules first thing in the morning) and noticed a significant difference in my energy! I felt much more focused. I ran out of GSH+ a couple of weeks ago and have noticed I'm not getting that energetic feeling in the morning since I stopped taking them. I promptly picked up another bottle. I give it 5 stars!"

-Maddie L.


"Since taking GSH+ I’ve noticed an acute shift in my energy levels.  I believe it was the catalyst for kick starting a more active lifestyle that my body was craving for years. 

I also feel like it has been the ‘invisibility cloak’ of immunity.  I work with a lot of young children in a school setting, and even amidst a sea of illnesses this season, I have been able to maintain my full health.  I have been wowed by my immune system this winter, as well as my energy levels in what is usually the most dark and tiresome time of year."

-Kellie M.


"GSH+ is one of the few supplements I've taken with immediate noticeable benefits, including more energy and better stomach and bowel regulation."

 -Steven B. 



"I was ill with a respiratory infection for 2 weeks in December. I was taking all my "usual" supplements for cold & flu (oregano oil, extra vitamins C and D, colloidal silver) and they were helping, but I could not completely "kick" the bug - I had a lingering cough and was exhausted. I added 3 capsules of GSH+ to my supplement routine and the very next day I felt markedly different. After 3 days of taking it, I was completely recovered. I am convinced that GSH+ made the difference!"

-Joanne K.




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