Synergy 3: The Forgotten Importance of GLA

One of the most common mistakes I see in my clients and customers who take a fish oil omega -3 supplement with EPA and DHA, is that they miss out on the benefits of GLA when they could be getting all three if they simply chose their combination properly. No more products, just added benefits.

When I designed Synergy-3, it was because I knew about the advantages of consuming EPA, DHA and GLA as a group, and I got tired of recommending the extra GLA as an add-on. When you take omega-3 fish oil, you produce a major anti-inflammatory effect, and in the process you also suppress an inflammatory effect from Prostaglandin E2. (This is the molecule that gets blocked by NSAIDS like aspirin and ibuprofen.) Yet, while this suppression of inflammation is occurring, if you add the additional anti-inflammatory effect from GLA, I have always seen an amplified, synergistic effect. [1] It just works better!

Like many other things in the natural health world, GLA was "all the rage" at one point for PMS, menopause, and skin conditions like eczema. There is an abundance of documented academic research on the anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative effects of GLA. [1] [2]


GLA is an omega-6 essential fatty acid, yet in its preformed state is hard to find in the diet. Evening Primrose and Borage Seed Oil are the main sources found in supplements; another source of GLA is human breast milk! [3] Perhaps not surprisingly there is a correlation between low levels of GLA in breast milk and increased prevalence of allergies in children. [4]

So when you take your essential fatty acids, don't forget about GLA. To get them all together, Synergy-3 is an excellent choice. It has a subtle natural lemon flavor that is pleasant and easy to take.

Per teaspoon Synergy-3 provides:

  • 655mg of EPA
  • 430mg of DHA (from fish oil in its natural triglyceride form)
  • 130mg of GLA (from Borage Oil)

Taking one or two teaspoons a day for maintenance is appropriate, and if you have a health challenge you are trying to address 3-4 tsp/day will be more suitable. I take mine with meals, but you will absorb it pretty much anytime.


Lastly for those people who simply cannot take an oil, and want a capsule, the product I would recommend is Omega-More by Enerex, at a dosage of 3-6 capsules a day.

Hope this is helpful!

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Hi John

I know I’m asking for the almost impossible but I would love if you could formulate an essential
fatty acid for vegetarians and possibly vegans.
I was wondering if flax and borage and evening primrose and….?
I’ve tried all sorts of EFAs but none are adequate.
I know if you could create one you’d have many grateful customers.

Thank you for every thing you do

Lyn March 22, 2022

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