The benefits of an "alkaline flush"

When starting a health protocol, many are concerned when they get diarrhea, thinking it is a sign of a problem, when in fact it can be a very healthy thing, (in the absence of pain, or a pre-existing medical condition, of course.)

To better understand and interpret what's going on in the body, consider the concept of an alkaline flush.

When faced with excessive acidity, the body's first defense mechanism is to hold onto water, effectively diluting the acid and safeguarding your tissues. Remember: the solution to pollution is dilution. That is why, after a hard night of partying, people often look puffy the next morning.

If this acidity is neutralized (buffered) normally by the body, the extra water is simply redistributed and/or eliminated through the kidney / bladder.

On the other hand, if you introduce a large dose of an alkaline influence all at once, and a fast neutralization of the excess acid occurs, your tissues can let go of a large amount of water very quickly. When this happens, the "overflow", so to speak, can exit through the colon, and diarrhea results.

Whoosh! You have just experienced an alkaline flush. This is a health-promoting, positive event, even though it can be inconvenient.

This may happen to some when they consume a large smoothie that is full of greens and berries, or to those who "get the runs" after eating too much fruit. It is also often commonly reported when customers are using Opti-Alkaline

For example, last week I had a client who called in because she was alarmed. Upon arising she had consumed 2 cups of 7 X 7 Alkaherb Tea from our store that she had been using, (tea bag used twice), but this time, along with it she took 3 Opti-Alkaline. Whoosh!

I sometimes get an alkaline flush when I take my Opti-Alkaline, and then gulp a shake full of fruits and vegetables. Whooosh! But then I virtually always feel great for the day and perform at a high level!

A milder version of it occurs when people begin using Opti-Alkaline and wonder why they start urinating large volumes, or more frequently, or both.

An alkaline flush can also happen with some green powders, but remember, if you are using a product with many ingredients, and you have an inflammatory immune response to one or more of them: inflammation begets acidity! In that case it can make you more acidic.

This is because inflammation suppresses mitochondrial function, (via redox-imbalance), and when anaerobic metabolism kicks in as a back-up, lactic acid production goes up. Hence, why we so often suggest Opti-Alkaline to enhance the effects of Opti-A.I. Extra, our broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory formula.

Reducing inflammation and acidity both free-up the mitochondria to produce more energy, and a better metabolism. As a result, not only do many experience water-loss, but more energy, and more calories burned.

This is why so many experience these effects when they start on an alkaline diet. And though it may not be balanced long term, it certainly can be impactful!

So in conclusion, if you start a new health regimen or product, and get an alkaline flush, don't be alarmed,,,say "Ahhh...the day's lookin' up!" as it can be a very good thing!

Undesirable acidity... quickly neutralized by an alkaline substance...prompts the body to quickly let go of fluid that it was holding onto...the overflow gets eliminated through the colon. Whoosh!

Be well!


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