The Benefits of Antioxidant-Rich OptiBerry™ on Skin Health

The benefits of berries are many and well-established. They include protection for our brain, memory and nervous system, our eyesight, and antimicrobial immune enhancement against pathogens. [1-4]

In addition, one of the main reasons we have used a standardized berry complex, called OptiBerry™ in our Vitamin C formulas is for the anti-aging and protective effects on the skin. [5]


The active ingredients in berries called "anthocyanins" are highly antioxidant, and also have a stabilizing effect on our skin's collagen network, providing UV protection from the sun, as well as a stronger and more flexible connective tissue matrix (ie. collagen, keratin, elastin, etc.). [6,7] This strengthening and anti-inflammatory benefit helps prevent cross-linking and wrinkles, thereby preventing our skin from aging. [7]  These effects are definitely complemented and reinforced by vitamin C.



We chose OptiBerry™ for it's six-berry combination, and standardization (guaranteed amount) of principal anthocyanins. [8] We put it in both of our Optimum Health-brand vitamin C products (More Than "C" formula and Opti-Vitamin C MAX) to increase the therapeutic benefits for the whole body.

With the price of berries and their anthocyanin levels varying with the crop, on days when you can't or don't consume them, having a potent standardized anthocyanin source is an excellent alternative.

As always, at Optimum Health we put great care into choosing ingredients to create synergistic products that pack as many benefits into one capsule as possible. Opti-Berry with its wide rage of health-giving attributes is an excellent example...with studies to back it up. [8,9]


For more information about the plethora of benefits these anthocyanins can provide, see below.


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