The Total Body Benefits of Astaxanthin

Sunshine provides a plethora of benefits, not the least of which is vitamin D. Yet like most good things we can easily get too much of the sun's penetrating UVA and UVB rays, contributing to sunburn, photoaging, wrinkling and the development of skin cancers.

Of course we can use sunblock, yet as many in the natural health community know, these products can contain some nasty ingredients, making you question if they don't cause more problems than they solve.

So, what can you use for internal protection to offset the damaging effects? I other words, something that allows us to get the sun's benefits, yet if we simply don't use, forget, or just don't have adequate sunblock on is there anything internally that you can take to prevent oxidation, while penetrating moisturizing and preventing your skin and body from burning and/or the other deleterious effects of excess rays from the sun?

For this purpose, hands down my answer would be Krill oil with additional astaxanthin! Krill oil is so penetrating, and absorbed so well that companies have a very hard time developing capsules where it doesn't just penetrate right through them. (This capsule 'sweating" can also happen to lecithin and Phosphatidyl Choline capsule, which share the very solubilizing and extremely phospholipid-rich structure of krill oil.)

This penetrating effect also happens in your body! Not only does your gut, which is also very rich in phospholipids, absorb virtually 100% of the Krill oil and astaxanthin, it also readily spreads to your skin, organs, eyes, and the rest of your body distributing the highly potent antioxidant molecule astaxanthin with it.



The result is a delivery system that sends astaxanthin through countless tissues, providing complete body protection from all kinds of stressors, but notably from the aging and harmful effects of excess UV rays from the sun. And this doesn't even consider the combined anti-inflammatory effects from krill's omega-3 fats, EPA & DHA!

There is plenty written on the beneficial effects of astaxanthin (see 43 references in my other blog). Yet very few consider that it is fat soluble or consider body distribution. With the penetration effects of Krill oil's phospholipids as a superior carrier, the absorption and distribution of astaxanthin through the body is immensely enhanced.

For more info, see The Health Benefits of Astaxanthin from Krill Oil

Hope this helps you stay energetic & active to enjoy the summer! (Krill plus astaxanthin helps your mitochondria too).




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