The Ultimate PMS Prevention with Female Balance and DIM!

When it comes to the prospect of PMS and balancing female hormones there often doesn't seem to be any straight-forward solutions. This is largely because the body internally is a hormone "soup" of interconversions often in both directions... forward and backward! (You know... those diagrams that look like a mass of chicken wires?)

Complicating matters is the fact that within this "soup" of hormones, what your body changes them into, i.e. how it metabolizes them, has a huge impact... either friendly or unfriendly.


Unfortunately, the symptoms of so many female hormonal complaints thought to be due to producing too much, or too little estrogen or progesterone are actually due to producing too many unfriendly estrogen metabolites.

Yet, there are still some basic issues that can be addressed, and strategies that can be followed to help achieve a happy hormone balance, regardless of the direction of the imbalance. This is what defines an "adaptogen": it will bring you into balance regardless of whether you are too high or too low.


A classic example of this is the herb Dong Quai. Another example is Maca. These are two of the principal herbs in Optimum Health's Optimized Female Balance, which is approved to make the claims:

"Helps Relieve Premenstrual Symptoms" and "Stabilizes Menstrual Cycle Irregularities".

And because a relative progesterone deficiency is so common in PMS, the formula also contains Vitex, and Wild Yam. Vitex is known to increase the production of progesterone, and Wild Yam, in addition to helping progesterone levels, is also very supportive of adrenal function.

Yet in order for this strategy to be complete you still need to address estrogen metabolism, as discussed above. Hence, to combine DIM with this product is optimum!


By using these two products together you can address all three of these issues:

  1. Estrogen dominance: Where too little progesterone is being produced to balance out the amount of estrogen. Hence you need to produce more progesterone. (Note: Stress/Inflammation directly interferes with this, and xenoestrogen like BPA can make estrogen dominance worse.)
  2. Estrogen insufficiency: Though much less common, if present, a relative estrogen deficiency, compared to progesterone can be just as problematic for PMS. 
  3. Estrogen metabolites: You want to be producing friendly, protective metabolites, not unfriendly, reactive ones. The two substances that can help push estrogen metabolism to the positive are DIM and the herb Rosemary. Of the two, DIM is the one that really stands out.

Hence, by combining Optimized Female Balance with Opti-DIM, you not only address more balanced levels of estrogen and progesterone, but favourable estrogen metabolism as well.

For those of you who ask, "What about IC3?", know that when it hits your stomach acid, IC3 is converted to DIM anyways, but not on a 1:1 basis... meaning you get less DIM. There can also be unwanted side-reaction products produced, so better to get straight to the point with DIM.


Hope this is helpful!   

Be Well,


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