Want to do a Spring Cleanse? Step #1: Clean out your colon!

Spring is a popular and appropriate time to do a cleanse, and this can take different forms. Many end up focusing on their livers, and rightfully so. However, what do you think happens when a liver excretes toxins into a colon that's not emptying properly? i.e. One that is constipated and/or dysbiotic (having the wrong bacteria)? You guessed it! You end up reabsorbing a lot of the toxins your liver was trying so hard to eliminate. After all, your small and large intestines are semipermeable tissues that are amazingly thin. It is completely misguided to think that "Once it's in there, it's gonna get out!” (Uh-uh!! ) Reabsorption of any fat-soluble toxins are very likely to occur.

The irony of cleansing is that the healthier you are, the more successful the cleanse will likely be. So, word to the wise if you are planning a spring cleanse, prepare by cleaning out your colon first! Opti-Colon Cleanse by Optimum Health is an excellent choice for this.

I came upon the formula more than a decade ago after we lost access to a product that worked extremely well. Meaning, it produced an increased very healthy stool volume, did not produce extreme urgency or diarrhea, made you feel cleaned out, and many used it on an ongoing basis. Several even lost weight with it (which makes you question how much extra poop we carry around with us?). Shortly before we lost access to it, another company came along and said they had the same formula, so we tried it... with the same results. Since results were what we have always based our products on, we asked if we could buy the formula from them, and to my surprise they said yes!

The Opti-Colon Cleanse formula contains Hibiscus Flower, Psyllium Seed, Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Cascara Bark, Fennel Seed, Slippery Elm, Dandelion Leaf, Rhodiola, and Corn Silk. Our experience is that it provides an excellent bulking effect from the hibiscus and psyllium, with gentle (instead of urgent) stimulation from the licorice and cascara, a slight diuretic effect from the dandelion and corn silk, with the soothing benefits of peppermint, fennel and slippery elm. It is great for periodic or occasional use, or, as mentioned, many find it helpful on a daily basis.

 To further enhance the results of your Spring cleanse, Opti-Liv Extra, will condition the liver to be more effective in its full-time, messy job of detoxification. And our ever-popular Opti-Elite Probiotics will add additional support by promoting a favourable intestinal environment to help things to their final original destination, which is "Out of the Body!"

Whether you do the cleanse or not, cleaning-out your colon, supporting your liver, and favourably adjusting your intestinal flora will pay many health dividends.

 Hope you find this helpful!,

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