What Is Silver Solution And What Can It Be Used For?

When it comes to Silver Solution the limitation is your imagination. Basically you just have to remember it any time you want a cell-friendly anti-microbial. The article below is a good explanation of what to look for in a silver product, and why? It details how to interpret a product's concentration, and why a higher number (ppm) is not necessarily better (by a long-shot)...along with validated applications for Silver Solution.

Besides internal use, one of the things I most often use is Silver Solution in a spray bottle. In the last two decades, some of the things I have found silver mist in a pump bottle useful for are as follows:

When I get sneezed-on or find myself in a space with someone who is sick I will mist my eyes, ears, nose, throat, and face in general. This is awesome on airplanes or while travelling! Easy to keep a 2 oz pump bottle in your pocket or purse. (But if you use a 4 oz don't forget the 100 mL limit at security!). 

In addition to the opening "mask tip", if I drop my mask and want to reuse it, I just spray it. Or if I have just washed my hands, (for the 85th time), yet potentially reinfect them I will spray my hands similar to how I would use natural bug-spray.

If I have a cold sore I will spray it often, or use a Silver Solution gel...(now called "Armour Gel" in our stores), to speed elimination, and to keep it from hurting.

With the price of food these days, I will mist leftovers before putting them in the fridge to inhibit the development of mould and bacteria. (I have never noticed a change in flavour when I consume them later.)

When I accidentally drop a supplement on the floor I will often mist before swallowing it.

In the bathroom, after applying underarm deodorant I will follow it with a few pumps of Silver Solution. I also use it when I want to de-bug my face, but can't take the time to wash it...I just mist it. My kids have used this when they are "picking their zits" and are too lazy to wash. I generally make them spray afterwards. Also when I want to get rid of mouth odours and bacteria I will spray and not spit before I brush. Also, when I drop my toothbrush and want to clear potentially negative bacteria from the head/handle...or sometimes I store it with the head submerged in Silver Solution a small glass.

Having two dogs and a cat, I also use it when cleaning up pet messes. After the pick-up or wipe-down I spray and let sit for a few minutes before wiping again.

So these are just a few of the things you can use Silver Solution for. See the article below for a more detailed, referenced presentation. Hope you find this useful!


Of all the antimicrobial compounds on the market, few are as broad-spectrum in their applications, or as safe as that of silver suspended in water. But since the first "colloidal silver" emerged in the 1960s, the technology has come a long way. It has culminated in what is known as Silver Solution. So, what is Silver Solution and what can it be used for?


Silver has been used throughout the ages in many preparations and capacities for its preservative, germicidal, and health-giving properties. [1] The Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Phoenicians used it to maintain clean drinking water and wine.[1,2] Silver coins would be added to milk to prevent spoilage, and silver colloid preparations were used medically in the early 1900's [3] Yet it was NASA that was credited with the invention of "colloidal" silver in the 1960's, (produced by running a current through silver electrodes immersed in water), which it used it on manned space missions to purify water. [4,5]


Since then, production technology has improved with both standardization of silver particle concentrations, and by the advent of smaller particles, known as nano-silver. Nano-silver solutions have the advantage of dramatically smaller silver particles to more easily enter your cells and exert their antimicrobial effects. (Nano-particles are simply those where size is measured in billionths of a meter). 


Some people are leery of nano-technology, and rightfully so, since particles so small can bypass normal checks and measures within a cell. Yet, being that among the metals with germicidal effects, silver has the most potent antibacterial action, and the lowest levels of toxicity in animal cells,[6] nano-silver preparations have been shown in trials to be completely safe, exhibiting no negative effects on any of multiple bodily systems. [7]... (This study used ABL Silver Solution.) Accordingly, many nano-silver applications have been developed for use in hospitals, surgeries, and surgical supplies...for example in catheters which after placement are prone to infection. [8]


Be clear that the number of parts per million (i.e. ppm), listed on a silver product is actually a mass measurement in a given amount of liquid. In other words you could have the total amount of silver in the bottle all together in one lump, and it would still be correctly stated as that ppm number, though it would never come close to making it into your cells. Rather what is much more relevant is particle size, meaning how finely divided-up is the silver in a preparation. If you have the same amount of silver divided up into a greater number of smaller particles, then they have a much greater surface area, and are going to be able to more readily penetrate tissues to exert their antimicrobial effects. So it's easy to think that 100ppm is a whole lot stronger than 10ppm, but this is not necessarily true at all. What's important is how small are the particles.

The particles in Silver Solution are assayed for size, and 98% are between 5 and 15 nanometers, (or expressed differently... 0.005 to 0.015 microns).


The Nature of the Silver Particles in Silver Solution Opti Silver Solution

In recent years there have been further advances in nano-silver technology. A quantum leap came with the invention of a structuring process, in which 4 silver atoms are tightly bound to the oxygen in water to form a new molecular complex, chemically described as AG4O4.This molecular structure can reversibly associate into larger patterned complexes, which gives it far greater electro-active properties, yielding dramatically enhanced antimicrobial action. [9]

This was discussed in our past article called: What is the Difference Between Colloidal Silver and a Silver Solution.

The resulting product, called Silver Solution, (or SilverSOL), unlike many other silver products, has been extensively studied for its actions, effectiveness, safety and potential applications, and has been patented in both the US and Canada. [10]...Excerpts from the Canadian patent, #2526150, can be viewed below. [US patents 6,214,299; 6,743,348; 7,135,195]


The unique molecular arrangement in Silver Solution also drastically increases stability, versus regular ionic silver, the charge on which can be readily neutralized once in the body. This means that argyria, or “Blue-Man Syndrome” will not occur because the complex does not break down into single silver ions, and passes out of the body within approximately two days, instead of potentially settling in the tissues. [9]

In addition, due to its nano-sized particles, this silver possesses a vibrational frequency/resonance between 890-910 tetrahertz... The same frequency at which ultraviolet light causes viruses, yeasts and bacteria to be destroyed. This plasmonic resonance effect of silver nanoparticles is discussed in a 2012 article in the journal Nature. [11]

The combination of these qualities has produced a substance that has incredible power against a very wide range of pathogens. (Following this article are some examples of the vast potential healing applications for Silver Solution at 10 ppm.)


Yet, if it is that effective at killing bugs, some may wonder what kind of effects it will have on your friendly bacteria. As mentioned in our previous articles, it has been put forward that because the "good" gram positive bacteria in your gut tend to be enveloped in fat, the water-soluble Silver Solution complex will not affect them. I find this claim highly questionable, and would still definitely take probiotics while using any silver preparation. But I also have to say that in 25 years of using silver to help myself and clients, I have never witnessed a Herxheimer or die-off reaction from it, even though this is obviously possible as a microbial infection is addressed.


One last personal note, which speaks to the fact that the benefits of Silver Solution are not just a placebo effect, is the effects I have witnessed while using it for sick pets. Numerous times the improvements have been quick dramatic, (and saved large veterinary bills)... An experience shared by some of our clients. Nano-silver has also been studied veterinary applications, where it was found active, but also to enhance the effectiveness, (microbial sensitivity to) antibiotics. [18]


Until next time, continue to be well,

John Biggs 




(Note: The following studies and article summaries are provided as information from American Biotech Labs, as due to regulatory vulnerability, Optimum Health wants to be clear that we have not interpreted any of the following results or information.)

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Further reading...

Applications for Women's Health ...From an article entitled "A Siver Lining for Women's Health"in Total Health Magazine by Sherrill Sellman N.D), under the heading ‘Utilizing the SilverSol Solution for Feminine Hygiene’…including yeast, vaginal dryness, vaginal odour, thyroid, HPV and sexually transmitted diseases, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, bladder infection, age spots, and acne. [12]

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“This is a Published peer review report on HIV and Bird Flu, in vivo tests report. The HIV is the editor's note at the first of the article. It includes the oral use of the American Biotech Labs 10 ppm Nano silver liquid product for the mitigation of the Aids virus. Seven people with aids were given the product at a level of two ounces daily. They reported getting their appetites back within two weeks and gained an average of 17.6 pounds over the 4 months of the study. The seven patients also showed an average T. Cell count increase of 39.54% over the four month period. In the H5N1 study the animals showed a 100% increase in survivability against the virus after having been given daily doses of the ABL silver liquid supplement for a period of just 7 days before being infected with the bird flu virus”. [14]


SilverSol article in the Indian Practitioner for malaria...

"Published peer review article on using American Biotech Labs silver technology products to help boost the body's immune system to fight against human malaria infections. This report is a summary of 56 human case studies from four different hospitals and clinics in Ghana, West Africa. The ABL silver used at one ounce daily (TID) (10 ml used three times daily) at 10 ppm silver content, helped the body's immune system to eliminate the Malaria (all 4 types) from the bloodstream, in an average of 3.43 days. Patients walked out of the hospital fully recovered and testing negative for the pathogen in 4-5 days. There were no test failures." [15]


Subject: double blind antibacterial 10 ppm

Double blind antibacterial 10 ppm in vitro study, showing that the ABL 10 ppm silver liquid killed numerous, resistant, pathogenic, bacteria at levels of about 2.5 ppm, a 1/4 dilution within minutes.


Published Current Science article

...on the value of adding ABL silver 10 ppm silver to antibiotic usage, showing both synergistic and additive value to 19 different antibiotics and seven pathogens, including multidrug resistant strains. In vitro tests. [16]


Double blind antibacterial 10 ppm in vitro study

...showing that the ABL 10 ppm silver liquid killed numerous, resistant, pathogenic, bacteria at levels of about 2.5 ppm, a 1/4 dilution within minutes. [17]




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