What is the Difference Between Colloidal Silver and a Silver Solution?

Like every evolving field, silver technology is advancing and changing. For years all consumers had available were colloidal and ionic silvers. But this too has changed with the emergence of the Silver Sol structure. What is the difference between this solution of silver in purified water, and ionic and/or colloidal silvers?


There are three main differences.


1. Much Greater Antimicrobial Activity (in the body and elsewhere.)

Due to the unique conformation of the SilverSol structure, in which 4 silver molecules are tightly and permanently bound to water, and can cluster together in a larger patterned structure…(which can then reversibly disassociate)… it forms a much more highly electro-active complex, giving it greatly enhanced antimicrobial properties.

Though most people think of it for internal use, in my personal experience silver solution has a lot more uses as a spray.

Since I avoid mainstream hand or surface sanitizers, I fill a smaller glass or plastic pump bottle with Opti-Silver Solution and use it:

  • During travel on planes spraying my eyes, ears, nose and throat when I get seated to avoid the plethora of bugs in the air.
  • As a tissue friendly hand or surface sanitizer.
  • Even to preserve leftovers that I am putting in the fridge more effectively by lightly misting exposed surfaces to prevent mold growth.

At a concentration of 10 ppm, (parts per million), it is essentially water with only minimal taste from the silver, but still does the job of inhibiting microbes.


2. Will Not Cause Argyria, i.e. “Blue Man Syndrome".

In Silver Sol (i.e. a silver solution), the silver is permanently bound to oxygen from water, forming a new water soluble substance that will not come out of solution, and therefore will not settle in your tissues. Therefore “Blue Man Syndrome”, otherwise known as Argyria, will not occur, as has happened with regular ionic or colloidal silvers.


3. Will Not Kill Your Gut Flora.

According to Gordon Pederson PH.D., because Silver Sol is strictly water soluble, and the Lactobacillus probiotics in your gut tend to be enveloped in fat structures, they are spared by SilverSol.

Personally, I would, and still do take my probiotics whenever using a silver solution. But I must say that in the past 25 years, I have never witnessed to date anyone who has developed apparent signs of yeast overgrowth, or any indications of elimination of gut flora, even when using colloidal or ionic silver, much less the Silver Sol. That doesn’t mean it would never happen, but the Silver Sol theoretically makes it much less likely.

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Several patents, and over 300 studies on the effectiveness and safety of Silver Sol, make it very appealing, but more importantly for us, we have seen it work remarkably well for over 10 years.


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