How to Get Back to Normal Faster After a Bug

There are many helpful natural strategies you can use for an oncoming illness, to nip it in the bud [see: 4 Quick Tips to Help Beat a Bug ]

Yet, sometimes it doesn't matter what you do.. vitamin D, probiotics, oregano oil, propolis, echinacea, astragalus, or a host of anti-microbial still get sick! 

Once you are actually sick, and it's apparent you're not going to "Beat The Bug", everyone has their remedies to help, as do I, which I will write about in a subsequent blog (watch for it in January!).

However, when you get to the approximate end of a bug, sometimes the recovery phase can seem to drag on forever. For some, it seems to change things permanently going forward.

What I do to recover fully: 

1. Support my mitochondria and energy

...with products like Cell Fuel. On this note I find all of the substances in Cell Fuel helpful...Co-enzyme Q10, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, NAC, and PQQ. I find it can be most helpful in regaining sense of taste and smell for example. [See: Can You Regain Sense Of Smell With Alpha-Lipoic Acid? ]

2. Reduce Inflammation

Or, finish putting the fire out! I reach for natural anti-inflammatory products like Optimum Immunity, Opti-A.I. Extra, Synergy-3 Optimum Omega, and Krill Oil with extra astaxanthin.

3. Keep myself alkaline 

...with vegetable and fruit-rich protein smoothies, along with further pH aids like Opti-Alkaline, which I take daily anyways. (When I am recovering from an infection, I just take a lot more of it!)

4. Reduce my oxidation levels with glutathione.

I find this most helpful, and prefer products like GSH+, which help you produce your own glutathione. However, the recovery period is a time when taking straight glutathione can also be extremely helpful!

5. Support my Liver

...with products like Opti-Liv Extra. Since your liver has to clean up and process all the debris after the war that your immune system just fought, supporting it now is of ultra importance.

6. Keep taking my Vitamin D3 and K2.

...for the anti-microbial peptide production that it causes. I use 10,000 IU regularly through the winter, and up to 20,000 a day while sick or recovering, for at least a few days. I use 240 mcg of Vitamin K2 per day.

7. Keep taking my probiotics.

I double-up when recovering, taking up to 6 caps of Opti-Elite Probiotics in a day. Rebuilding a negatively impacted gut bacterial population is a necessity.

8. I address my iodine status 

...with products like IO-MED by Alterra, for its anti-microbial effects and especially to give my thyroid a boost, the function of which can be suppressed after illness.



9. Make sure I am eating enough protein

...which the liver requires to keep detoxing, i.e. 20 or more grams with each meal, including collagen for gut-repair!

10. I exercise gently produce a sweat, along with saunas or steam baths. 
Hope this is helpful,
Be well,

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