What’s the Difference Between DIM and D-Glucarate?

DIM favourably influences what your body does with estrogens after they are produced. This yields "metabolites" that are beneficial and protective for many of the challenges, both premenstrual and menopausal, often associated with estrogen imbalance be it too much, or too little estrogen that is present.

Alternatively, stress, poor diet, too much sugar, too much alcohol, prescription and recreational drugs, or foreign molecules from the environment that mimic estrogen in our bodies,(i.e. xenoestrogens), push estrogen metabolism towards producing reactive, inflammatory metabolites that exacerbate hormonal imbalance and associated conditions. DIM offsets this effect, and is definitely not just helpful for women, but protective of men's prostate glands as well. This is all explained in the linked articles below.

On the other hand, D-Glucarate is all about estrogen clearance, i.e. getting old and excess estrogens out of your body...instead of continually reabsorbing them. D-glucarate not only increases the amount of estrogen bound for excretion, it also helps clear a range of nasty xenoestrogens, and at the same time inhibits factors that would otherwise interfere with this transport. In today's polluted world all of us can use help getting rid of man-made hormonally disruptive chemicals from plastics, etc., not to mention reducing estrogen burden in those who suffer from estrogen dominance, (Which again can include men!)

This is also discussed in the fully referenced and updated articles below:

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