'Why Every Day Is Earth Day', by Whole Earth & Sea

Imagine getting the benefits of a whole growing season in one tablet.


Whole Earth & Sea offers you real nutrition from real whole foods, many of which are grown and harvested by hand on our own certified 100% organic and non-GMO Factors Farms® in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

The Okanagan Valley’s soil is unique and rich, carved out of a once-ancient seabed, and the result of thousands of years of erosion. It’s full of goodness and allows the best, most potent plants to grow. Our plants and soil are so special that we would never allow them to be treated with pesticides. They are tended to daily, by hand, and by experts. The patience and care we apply to our growing and harvesting are also used in our preservation techniques, which are a cut above. Why wouldn’t they be when our plants are so unique?

We create our supplements from the finest raw materials and carefully selected seeds, many of which are kept in our heirloom seed bank, ensuring that we retain the best nutritional qualities, potency, and whole food goodness from plants grown from the seeds up and harvested at their prime. They are then raw processed at our facilities as soon as possible. We also use the entire plant to increase the nutrient density of our supplements or as vitamin-rich compost. Every part of every plant has a place, though mostly they are used in our formulas.


Whole Earth & Sea formulators understand how important the WHOLE plant is from peel, stem, leaves, and seeds for their antioxidant benefits. Therefore, the entire plant is used in slow and gentle batch-by-batch processing resulting in concentrated formulas.

Using traditional methods to preserve food can cause a plant’s natural nutrients and healing powers to be destroyed. The processing of raw materials can expose them to unnatural heat, light, and oxygen levels, resulting in nutrient loss. Unlike old-fashioned processing methods, our proprietary EnviroSimplex® process preserves delicate fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The watchword that we use for processing is: “Gentle.”


From our complete line of multi vitamins and minerals to probiotics and organic greens, Whole Earth & Sea offers a comprehensive line of supplements with whole-food benefits from fruits and vegetables that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and ideal for people wanting more whole-food nutrition.

Everything we do at Whole Earth & Sea has your nutrition and health in mind, as well as the land, the environment, and future generations. That’s why, for Whole Earth & Sea, we are not just saying every day is Earth Day. We mean it, and we stand behind it. And it’s what we mean when we say “the benefits of a whole growing season in one tablet.”


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