Why Glutathione can help with Anxiety

Unplugging Oxidation and Inflammation

Studies have demonstrated a direct link between oxidative stress and anxiety. [1][2][3][4] When we are going through anxiety, or other forms of stress, oxidation increases. [2] Given that the most broad spectrum, premier antioxidant in your body for counteracting this is glutathione, (found in every one of your cells), it is not surprising that it gets used used up or that raising levels of it can help offset the effect. [1]

Reasons for oxidative stress in the brain and nervous system include what reviewed in a recent blog, The Power of Glutathione, where I discussed different approaches to raising glutathione. Stress increases energy demands in the brain, and though vital, energy production can be a messy job, creating a lot of free radicals.[1][2] Add to this inflammation from numerous sources, and something needs to be present to counterbalance it. This can include mitochondrial support, anti-inflammatory influences or antioxidant support from glutathione, (which addresses all three plus countless other functions. [1][5]

With anxiety at all time highs natural approaches for reducing it are in high demand, and to be successful the above issues need to be addressed.

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