Making Life Sexier with the Art of Sensual Embodiment

As humans, we often like to compartmentalize and simplify life's complexities- but when it comes to our sexual health it can be helpful to remember that your sexual expression is as unique as you are and therefore, can be explored and expressed in a variety of ways!

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight an important aspect of whole-body health and give you a few easy ways to seduce yourself through the art of sensual embodiment!

What is sensual embodiment?

Sensual embodiment is the act and practice of not only feeling safe and grounded within your body, but being consciously attuned to the multitude of ways that our bodies are capable of experiencing pleasure through the senses as we move through our day to day lives.

How can I practice sensual embodiment?

Do you get goosebumps from a scalp massage or love the feeling of soft fabric against your skin? How about the scent in the air after it rains, or the sweetness of chocolate melting in your mouth?

These are all examples of day to day occurrences where sensual embodiment can be experienced and accessed- we just need to take a moment to actively dial in to the sensations that they evoke instead of letting them pass us by.

By bringing more awareness to our bodies and making this a regular and conscious practice, we can amplify these pleasurable sensations- making life just a little bit sweeter!


Undaria Algae Body Oil

Take a few extra moments after a bath or shower to slowly massage yourself with your favourite aromatic body oil or lotion. Inhale the scent and experiment with different levels of pressure- paying attention to the sensations that arise and the areas that feel best to you.

Scalp Massager

Give yourself goosebumps with an in-shower scalp massage- does it feel best to move slowly or with faster, intentional strokes? You can also run this tool along the back and sides of your neck, shoulders, arms, belly, or any other areas that desire a stimulating touch.

Living Libations Radiant Love Butter

This skin-tingling (and edible) intimacy balm can be used for self-exploration or with a partner. Pay attention to how the texture changes as it melts against the heat of your skin and languish in the sweet and spicy aromas of chocolate, citrus, and cinnamon.

Tip: Dab this balm on your wrists or the ends of your hair and breath it in whenever you wish to evoke some sensual energy.


Pukka Love Tea

Pour yourself a cup of tea in your favourite mug. Watch the steam as it slowly rises and dances in the air. Feel the heat of the cup against your hands and the soothing warmth of the liquid- notice the sensations it creates in your mouth, throat, chest, and stomach.


Abel Discovery Set

Play with scent-layering and how the different aromas and notes make you feel. Playful, grounded, sexy, calm, energized? Switch up the combination based on your mood or the energy you would like to embody for the day or evening.

Salt & Stone Candle

Light a candle and focus on the flame. Breathe deeply, filling your chest and belly- picturing your breath moving through each area of your body and noticing any areas that hold tightness or tension. Which areas feel open and relaxed? Is the temperature of the air cool or warm as you inhale?

Give yourself permission to bask in these sensations and all the loveliness that is you and your body, just as it is.


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