Rise & Thrive: 7 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Morning!

Are you a Morning Person? A bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lover of the dawn, a beaming beacon of optimism and energy when the sun is low in the eastern skies?

As a member of House Night Owl, I can only imagine what that is like! I’ve therefore tried and tested many ways to elevate and improve my morning experience.

Here are some of my favourite all-natural ways to rise & thrive!

(which even you Early Birds might find useful!)


My favourite morning hack is to plan for a good morning the night before by placing a trio of supplements next to my bed.

The combination of x3 Opti-Mental Energy, x1 Opti-MicroPQQ, and x3 Acetyl-L-Carnitine, taken on an empty stomach, is my current favourite. It provides me with amazing energy and mental stamina long into the afternoon.

What I love most about these supplements is that while they quickly provide a feeling of energetic alertness, the combination of adaptogenic and protective nutraceuticals is actually improving my overall health every day!


Next up, coffee!

I love coffee, and drink it for its taste more than its caffeine content, especially because my OHV supplement cocktail gives me all the mental energy I need. Replacing dairy with a collagen creamer is a delicious way to elevate your coffee routine. Collagen increases bone mass, strengthens skin and blood vessels, and reduces inflammation, so why not add it to everything you can!



Time to hit the shower!

I look forward to using my No-Tox Life Eucalyptus Steam Jar - their beautiful spa-like aroma quickly clears my head and makes a daily hygiene ritual feel like an elevated, luxurious experience. One tablet in the bottom of the shower fills the space with the cleansing, fresh aroma of pure eucalyptus. And when I run out, I bring my empty glass jar into our 109 St Refill Station for a waste-free top-up!


I love a vigorous exfoliation to keep my skin smooth from tip to toe,

especially after summer sun exposure. The sensation of using the new Exfoliating Mitt from Velvette is delightfully stimulating, and is an ultra-effective way to remove dead skin cells and reveal glowing, fresh skin. (It also prepares your body for ultimate absorption of your favourite moisturizing body lotions and oils!)

How to Use Velvette Exfoliating Mitt


Elevate your regular body skincare routine by replacing your regular moisturizer with a body serum!

Tata Harper’s new Resurfacing Body Serum is made with face-grade ingredients for full-body transformative results. This lightweight, milky formula is ideal for dry, rough, or unevenly-toned skin. And the scent…. simply divine!



Break your fast!

Taking a few minutes to eat a balanced meal before starting your day will elevate your productivity and mood tremendously. It balances blood-sugar levels so you will be less likely to snack on empty calories between meals, provides lasting energy, and helps you feel more emotionally even. For the days when including a serving of protein at breakfast isn’t convenient, I depend on protein powder to supplement and round out my nutrition. Whether you are vegan or an omnivore, there are several great-tasting options for everyone! My favourites are the Garden of Life's Organic Plant-Based Protein (in vanilla) or the 100% High Alpha Whey Isolate Protein from Ultimate in Chocolate.


Packing a nutritious lunch before you head out the door is an important way to elevate your overall health (and bank account balance!).

Sustainability is something I value, so I love using the litter-less lunch solutions from Stasher. Their silicone bags are a great way to pack anything, from leftovers to sandwiches, snacks and more! The sleek, colourful designs and leak-proof seals make them highly functional, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all my family's needs. 

Don't limit your Stasher use to portable lunches and snacks! They also can be used to steam veggies, to sous-vide, to pop microwave popcorn, to make homemade ice cream, and much, much more! 



There are so many ways to elevate your morning and put a positive spin on the day, it just requires a little forethought.

Take some time to notice the “pain points” you or your family experience during the morning rush, and put plans in place which re-frame or alleviate the challenges stressful mornings present.

Consider adding something that gives you pleasure, something that makes it easier to get out the door, and something which optimizes your health. Small changes can have an enormous impact, and you are so worth it!

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