Green Matcha Truffles for Bathtime Blues

It’s that time of year again. It’s November, and we’re sitting between Thanksgiving festivities and the holidays looming on the horizon. We might have a rare moment of downtime, but as the weather turns, we’re stuck indoors with central heating.

We’re seriously feeling the gloom.

Our skin is dry and prone to itchiness. We’re craving a nutritious boost of green energy: enter our little darling, green matcha. For a gloomy day pick-me-up, Kolya’s botanical expert Gordon has crafted these delightful dancing bath melts. It’s our favourite way to soothe parched skin and carve out time for self-care, which is crucial as the days grow shorter and the nights ever-darker.


Start to finish, this Blending Bar recipe comes together in no time at all. They’re great to make as gifts or to keep all for yourself for whenever you need an energizing soak.

Organic cocoa butter and unrefined shea butter make up the base. Both melt easily, moisturize readily, and soothe irritated skin. They’re great on sensitive skin but suitable for all skin types.

We use baking soda and citric acid for a little razzle-dazzle. When the bath melt hits the water, it will fizz and dance across the surface! It’s a delightfully unexpected addition to zhuzh up the experience and make these melts just a little more magical.

Green matcha, though, is what elevates this recipe into the realm of luxury.

Matcha is a powder made with finely-ground premium green tea leaves. It is typically drunk as an invigorating beverage as it is extremely high in catechins, a natural type of antioxidant (1). We love its vibrant colour and sweet green tea scent, especially now as the weather outside turns grey and gloomy.


Simply melt the cocoa and shea butter until just melted: do not overheat. Stir in your essential oils and dry ingredients in a separate bowl, cool the mixture in an ice cube tray or cute candy molds, and viola! Precious green bath truffles to get you through the November blues.

To use, drop the truffle into a hot bath. The temperature of the water will slowly melt the butters and release the essential oils into the air. Use caution when exiting the tub as the oils may make things slippery.


See our recipe for Green Matcha Bath Truffles

Makes: 6 small truffles (depending on the size of your molds)



  1. In a pot over medium to low heat, melt the cocoa butter and shea butter until they are just dissolved, then remove from heat.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine the dry ingredients and mix until there are no clumps.
  3. Add the essential oil(s) into the melted butters and pour over the dry ingredients.
  4. Mix well and spoon the mixture into little molds.
  5. Note: for a smooth finish to the truffle, place the molds in a freezer for 30-40 minutes.


Drop a truffle into a hot bath and relax as the essential oils are released into the air and the butters melt to gently moisturize your skin. (Perfect for the winter season).

Caution: Truffles can make the tub surface very slippery. Use caution when exiting the tub.


See how easy they are to make: What do you think about turning teatime into bathtime? What perks you up on gloomy days? Let us know in the comments below!



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