Lullaby Balm

Crafted with naturally soothing ingredients, our cherished Lullaby Balm formula provides a soothing addition to your bedtime ritual.

Suitable for ages 6 and up, apply this delightful balm to the chest, upper back, around the nose, or the soles of your feet to promote a peaceful night's rest.

Yields: 180 mL


¼ c grapeseed oil

¼ c jojoba oil

2 tbsp beeswax

1 tsp vitamin E

60 drops Earth’s Aromatique Winding Down essential oil blend OR your favorite sleepy time essential oil blend


In a double boiler over low to medium heat, measure and pour in oils and beeswax. Stir occasionally until the beeswax is completely dissolved. Remove from heat, then add vitamin E and essential oil blend of choice. Pour into three 2oz tins or two small Weck jars.

To Use

Before bed, apply a dime-sized amount to the bottoms of feet, the chest or upper back, and/ or around the nose. Gently massage. This recipe is safe for use on children 6 and up.

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