The Beauty of our Harmony Dry Shampoo

School is back in session. We’re reveling in the embers of summer, hitting the books, and life is ramping up yet again. We don’t always have time to wash our hair. Even when we do, we don’t want to unnecessarily strip our hair of healthful oils by shampooing too often. All year, but especially now that we’re busy with back to school, dry shampoo is our life-saver. We could head to the drugstore and grab an aerosol can of dry shampoo, but we find the synthetic fragrances overpowering and spraying compressed gasses can be polluting to the environment and our bodies. It’s time for a natural solution.


Wren, Kolya’s hair-care royale, dreamt up this simple and natural recipe. This DIY powdered dry shampoo is low-waste and suitable for most hair types. “I’ve been using this recipe for weeks now,” they say, “and I’m really enjoying it.” Wren was originally inspired by the organic hair powders and dry shampoos found in the Kolya store. They wanted a product that applied easily, absorbed well, and didn’t leave a strong powdery residue. Their colour-treated hair is normally dry. This DIY recipe is natural, gentle, and avoids stripping away the scalp’s natural oils. Plus, going homemade is better for the environment and our budgets (especially crucial for those of us heading back to school).


Wren calls this blend “harmonious.” That’s because going DIY is good for the planet, “cuts down on waste, and saves you cash in the long run.” It works with natural oil production inherent to our hair and skin, rather than working against it. “It’s just lovely!”

The ingredients in this dry shampoo are purposefully chosen to absorb oils quickly and efficiently. In many conventional drugstore formulas, alcohol is the primary oil-battling ingredient. This may cause excessive drying to the hair which could lead to breakage and further damage.


Wren’s homemade solution uses two different starches to soak up excess grease, plus white kaolin clay for extra non-clumping absorptive power. We like to add a blend of essential oils for fragrance, but this can be adjusted to fit your preferences. Just be sure to use skin and sun-safe oils, and always use sparingly. We like Wren’s harmonious blend of lavender, holy basil, and fresh ginger.


Enjoy our recipe for a DIY Dry Shampoo!

Makes: 1 60 mL bottle



  1. Whisk powders together into a small mixing bowl and add the essential oils.
  2. Mix the ingredients together and then sift the mixture - pressing any clumps of essential oils through the sifter with a utensil.
  3. Using a funnel, pour mixture into your container of choice.


Use: Apply directly to the roots of hair, parting hair into horizontal sections for even application. Gently massage the formula into your scalp for instant volume and elimination of oil. Can be applied day or night.

Use within 18 months.



Just whisk everything in a big bowl, incorporate your essential oils, strain it through a sieve, pop it in a snap-cap or shaker bottle, and you’re good to go! 

To use, simply sprinkle a small amount onto your scalp whenever you find your hair getting a little too oily. Less is more, so start with a small amount at first and work your way up if needed. You could also put some into your palms and apply by combing it through your hair with your fingers, or use a big, fluffy makeup brush. Those with fine or very dark hair may want to apply it before bed to allow the formula to work its magic. Just brush it out in the morning.

This DIY dry shampoo is a homemade alternative to greasy hair without drying or damaging effects typical to many conventional products. What are your go-to hair care essentials? We want to hear them. Let us know in the comments below! 

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