Preparing for your first visit to Kolya's Refill Station

Never tried refilling before? Welcome! You’re making the first crucial steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle!



Here’s how it works:

Visit us on 109th Street in Edmonton (7115 - 109 St) and let us know exactly what you want, and how much you want. We’ll tare your container so that you’re only charged for the weight of the product you request. As it may take some time to fill your order, feel free to browse in-store, or leave your containers with us and come on back to pick it up whenever you’re ready. We will keep your items safe for up to 48 hours.

For large quantity refills, please call ahead to ensure we have the amount you need in stock. Call us at 780-432-5464.



Collect your reusable containers

We gladly refill reusable containers! Please make sure your containers are free of cracks, rust, excessive damage, and are clean and dry.


Please bring:

Jars, glass bottles, plastic containers, resealable bags, non-reactive metal tins, and any other non-reactive, leak-proof container with a sealable lid.


Please do not bring:

Dirty, wet, or otherwise soiled containers. Containers that leak, or do not properly seal, such as cardboard or jars without lids.

Click here for detailed information on the best containers for your zero waste journey.


Forget your container? No problem! We have a huge array of jars and reusable containers to get you started.


Bring your container to our Drop Off counter. Here, it will be placed in a bin that has been sanitized with an all-natural disinfectant. We tare your containers for you! You will only be charged for the product you buy, not the weight of your jar.


Order your product from a team member at the counter, and indicate the volume of product you want.


We refill the item for you. While you wait, feel free to browse our unique selection of lifestyle, zero-waste, and wellness products! Alternatively, let a staff member know you’d like to return to pick up your items at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll keep your order safe until you’re ready.


Pick up your item at the pickup counter. You’re ready to go!