Weck - Mold Jar 200ml Large LidWeck - Mold Jar 250ml Large Lid


    Mold Jar

    From $12.95
    Weck - Tulip Jar 250ml Small LidWeck - Tulip Jar 220ml Small Lid


    Tulip Jar

    From $11.95
    Weck - Mold Jar, Mini's 160ml Small LidWeck - Mold Jar, Mini's 80ml Small Lid


    Mold Jar, Mini's

    From $7.95
    Weck - Medium Rubber GasketWeck - Small Rubber Gasket


    Rubber Ring

    Weck - Juice Jar 250mlWeck - Juice Jar 500ml


    Juice Jar

    From $14.95
    Weck - Fresh Cover Lid


    Fresh Cover Lid

    Luumi Unplastic Silicone Bowl Bag Blue SmallLuumi Unplastic Silicone Bowl Bag Blue Small


    Unplastic Silicone Bowl Bag

    From $25.99
    Weck - Cylinder Jar 250mlWeck - Cylinder Jar 500ml


    Cylinder Jar

    From $12.95
    Weck - Cork Lid


    Cork Lid

    From $3.95
    Marley's Monsters Cloth Sandwich Wrap Cadet BlueMarley's Monsters Cloth Sandwich Wrap Plum

    Marley's Monsters

    Sandwich Wrap, Linen

    Kilner Round Cliptop Jar 2 LitersKilner Round Cliptop Jar 1.5 Liters
    Sold out


    Cliptop Jar, Round

    Luumi Unplastic Silicone Sealed Lid BlueLuumi Unplastic Silicone Sealed Lid Blue
    Sold out
    Luumi Unplastic Silicone Straws
    Sold out
    Kilner Jar w/ Shaker Lid
    Sold out
    Kilner - Large Replacement Seals, 6 Pack | Kolya Naturals, Canada
    Sold out
    Kilner Preserve Jar Filled with Pickled Red Onions and CarrotsKilner Preserve Jar, Wide Mouth 500 Milliliters
    Sold out

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