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Brick & Mortar Store Updates & Local Delivery  See Details
Brick & Mortar Store Updates & Local Delivery  See Details


We’ve been making health products for a long time. And, our love for bringing healthier choices to Canadians – runs as deep in us, as the very day we started.

Our rich history involves bringing unique, effective and research driven products, like our cardiovascular formulas, to the natural health community. A community that we’re grateful for, inspired by and one that’ll we’ll be rooting for until the end of time.

Why? Because, we believe it’s never too late to try something new.

At innovite we’re about exploring and discovering health products that matter, so that people can feel their best. We’re optimists who work hard to make things happen. Maybe we first met over 35 years ago, or maybe we are just meeting for the first time. Either way, let’s impact wellness together in ourselves and our communities. The time is now. Let’s stir things up. Let’s take back our health.

— with love, since 1983.