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Bovine Gelatin Powder (Unflavoured)

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  • Same amino acids as collagen
  • Improves skin health
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Improves hair quality
  • Provides healthy protein
  • Description
  • Suggested Use
  • Ingredients
  • Prairie Naturals Introduces Grass-Fed Bovine Gelatin Powder

    Bovine Gelatin is a rich source of collagen protein, amino acids, minerals and connective tissue building nutrients. This easy to digest, gut friendly protein can be used to make convenient on-the-go gummies. Gelatin can be used as a thickener in soups and broths, in smoothies or smoothie bowls, or as a substitute to eggs in baking. Gelatin is the preferred way to get collagen peptides if you are heating the protein for cooking or food preparation. Bovine Gelatin Powder is flavourless & odourless and mixes easily in hot water resulting in a smooth texture.

  • Suggested Use: Prairie Naturals Bovine Gelatin can be used as in culinary applications as a thickener for soups and broths, smoothies and smoothie bowls, or as a substitute for eggs in baking. It dissolves easily in warm water, and takes on a jelly-like texture when it cools, perfect for making Jell-O, gummies and marshmallows.

    Directions: Add one scoop (10g) Bovine Gelatin powder to 200-250 mL warm/hot water, soup or other beverage; blend into sauces, gravy or other dishes to thicken and give a protein boost. Due to naturally occurring variances in nature, the colour and texture of our Bovine Gelatin Powder may vary. It is flavourless & odourless; mixes easily with a smooth texture when added to warm or hot fluids.

    Cautions & Warnings: Sealed for your protection. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Ingredient: Bovine Gelatin Powder

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