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The Busy Bee

Say hello to Tia, an academia wiz and business superstar. Tia works tirelessly to ensure Kolya and sister company Optimum Health are on-track to serve the community as best we can. Always on the go, she’s a one-woman powerhouse. Like many other talented, hard working individuals, the holidays hardly slow down someone like Tia. These hand-chosen items keep her feeling her best and kicking keister every day!

  • Container of Kickstart Elixir Blend 140 Grams
    Container of Kickstart Elixir Blend 420 Grams
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    Harmonic Arts

    Kickstart Elixir Blend

    from $23.79
    Ends 12/24/21

    Highlights Robust Coffee Substitute Energizing Yerba Mate Fortifying Chaga Mushroom

    from $23.79
    Save 15%