Earth's Aromatique

Amber Glass Bottle w/ Black Treatment Pump



  • Highest level UV protection
  • Treatment serum-style pump top
  • Ideal for cosmetic products and facial treatments

These amber-coloured glass bottles are ideal for light-sensitive products containing volatile compounds such as essential oils, herbal preparations, and therapeutic active ingredients. The treatment pump dispenses 190 MCL of product per stroke making it ideal in applications requiring consistent dispensing. The black pump top is made of durable polypropylene plastic, and a clear styrene hood is included. Both the pump top and styrene hood is recyclable.

Bottle Material: Glass

Pump Material: Phenolic, PV Lined

Pump Tube Length: 3.5 in.

Pump Style: Styrene

Pump Stroke Dispense: 190 MCL

1 oz. Size: H: 79mm, D: 31mm

2 oz. Size: H: 93mm, D: 40mm

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