Cheeks Ahoy

Black Hemp Cloth Wipes



  • Reusable 1-ply hemp wipes
  • 8 x 8”
  • Set of 5
  • Handmade ethically in Canada

Cheeky Bits hemp cloth wipes are fantastic for runny noses, bathtime, mealtime, makeup removal, diaper changes, messy hands, and so much more. Simply wet with water or Cheeks Ahoy Cloth Wipe Solution to moisten. A perfectly reusable, sustainable alternative to disposable wet wipes. Handmade with love in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Care instructions:

Pre-rinse if necessary to reduce staining. Wash with cold water with detergent of choice. Tumble or hang dry; avoid fabric softener and dryer sheets as these may decrease absorbency.

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