Blood Sugar Metabolism



  • Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Balance your health.
  • Glucose metabolism support.
  • Formulated with bitter melon extract and gymnema extract.
  • A great combination of herbs and minerals that help nourish and support the body. Contains chromium.

Balance your health with Blood Sugar Metabolism, with a blend of herbal extracts, minerals and more.

Adults: Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily with food. Take a few hours before or after taking medications. For use beyond 4 weeks consult a health care practitioner.

Cautions and Warnings: Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have diabetes, coeliac disease, fat malabsorption, vitamin A, D, E or K deficiency or cholestasis (e.g. gall stones), intestinal disorders, or symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or fever. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. If an allergic reaction to one of the ingredient occurs, stop using and consult a healthcare practitioner. Consumption with alcohol, other medications or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended. Discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner if you experience symptoms of hypoglycemia including feelings of anxiety, dizziness, tremor, sweating, nausea or headache.

Contraindications: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if you have kidney disorder. Do not use during menstruation. Laxative effect may occur. If you experience diarrhea, discontinue use.

Known Adverse Reactions: May cause gastrointestinal irritation and/or heartburn.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Per Serving
Gymnema extract 20:1 (Gymnema sylvestre) (leaf) 167mg (DHE 3340mg)
White mulberry extract 10:1 (Morus alba) (leaf) 150mg (DHE 1500mg)
Prickly-pear extract 10:1 (Opuntia ficus-indica) (stem) 100mg (DHE 1000mg)
Bitter melon extract 10:1 (Momordica charantia) (fruit) 50mg (DHE 500mg)
Cassia extract 10:1 (Cinnamomum aromaticum) (bark) 50mg (DHE 500mg)
Dragon's blood extract 10:1 (Daemonorops draco) (fruit resin) 50mg (DHE 500mg)
Chromium (chromium (III) picolinate) 150mcg
Vanadium (vanadyl sulfate (IV)) 60mcg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

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