Helena Lane

Chamomile & Calendula Repair Balm



  • Soothes irritation and inflammation
  • Calms rashes and eczema
  • Protects sensitive skin

Created for cracked nipples (sorry boys!) when breastfeeding and is a miraculous healer and soother. It has since used on sore bottoms, cuts, grazes, skin rashes, etc often with dramatic overnight success. 

  • 50% certified organic ingredients, 50% medical grade lanolin
  • All the wonderful benefits of lanolin (see below) in an easy to use gel-like balm
  • Chamomile is cooling and anti-inflammatory
  • Calendula actively heals the skin by promoting collagen production
  • Jojoba oil moisturizes and soothes irritated skin without being heavy or greasy
  • Lanolin mimics our skin’s natural lipids, allowing our skin to breathe and retain large quantities of water (Learn more about lanolin below)
  • Gentle enough for babies and broken skin

To Use: Apply this incredible balm anywhere it is needed, either as a therapeutic cream on areas of irritation or dryness or as a general moisturizer. Safe on babies and broken skin.

Recommended For: A calming, healing balm to soothe sensitive or irritated skin.

50% Organic Ingredients:

  • Jojoba oil infused with chamomile and calendula flowers
  • Medical grade Lanolin (not certified organic)

Gluten free. 

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