Earth's Aromatique

Clear Plastic Jar w/ Black Lid



  • Clear, straight-sided polystyrene
  • Paper-lined twist caps
  • Ideal for bath & body care preparations

These straight-sided, thick-walled jars are ideal for a range of products and sized perfectly for homemade cosmetics. Crystal-clear glass substitute allows for quick identification and admiration of contents. Jars are made from polystyrene, a common lightweight plastic that is biologically inert and heat & light stable. The caps are polypropylene plastic, which is both highly durable and fully recyclable. The caps are lined with a PE polyvinyl film adhered to a white paper backing, removable if you wish, serving as an extra level of sanitation and chemical resistance.

Jar Material: Polystyrene Plastic

Cap Material: PE lined Polypropylene Caps

1/3 oz. (10 mL) Size: H: 23mm, D: 37mm

2/3 oz. (20 mL) Size: H: 24mm, D: 51mm

1 1/2 oz. (45 mL) Size: H: 28mm, D: 58mm

Kolya welcomes DIY enthusiasts, from novices to experienced makers, offering high-quality ingredients and creative ideas for nature-inspired inventions. As passionate crafters, we emphasize the beauty of hand-making botanical products and remedies, catering to the needs of home-based artisans. While we celebrate the joy of botanical crafting, we are not a laboratory and do not provide the requirements of professional cosmetic formulators.

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