Refillable Ultimate Travel 11pc Set



  • Assorted sizes
  • Reusable containers
  • Perfect for travel

Meets TSA carry-on liquid requirements. BPA-free: non-toxic & environmentally friendly. Stylish design, looks good on your vanity. Mini packing tools for easy pouring. Dishwasher safe.
1 x 30ml spray bottle
2 x 30ml pump bottle
2 x 0.35oz mini jars
3 x 90ml flat pouch bottles
1 x 1qt reusable travel pouch
1 x mini funnel
1 x mini spatula
1 x mini pipette


Recommended For: A set of refillable bags and containers for travel.

To Use: Fill containers with your favourite products and then wash when finished to reuse.

BPA-free: non-toxic & environmentally friendly.

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