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Foamance Foaming Soap Dispenser



  • 475 mL / 16 oz. refillable foaming soap dispenser
  • Made from recycled & sustainable materials
  • Beautiful, natural, long-lasting

This 475 mL / 16 oz., frosted glass soap dispenser is a beautiful and functional addition to your low-waste kitchen or bathroom. Specialized pump infuses air with soap to create a lovely foam, which decreases overall soap use and makes your product last longer. Can be used and refilled over and over for a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Made from recycled glass and sustainable bamboo, this dispenser was created under low-impact production standards, ensuring fewer greenhouse gasses were emitted as a result.

Hand-wash in warm, soapy water. To keep the bamboo looking gorgeous, avoid prolonged soaking in water, and buff gently with a natural oil.

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