Coffee Sock fits Hario v60-02 Style Coffee Filters



  • Reusable cotton coffee filter
  • For single-cup coffee drippers
  • Organic cotton; pack of 2
  • Sewn ethically in the United States

Looking for a cloth filter for your ceramic single-cup coffee dripper? This is the one! Using soft, organic cotton, this v60 filter is hand-sewn ethically in the United States. Can be used again and again, thereby limiting waste otherwise found in conventional paper coffee filters. Cloth filters allow more of the natural oils of the coffees to come through, which gives more body and complexity to the final brewed cups. Pack of 2.

We've found that brew times using a CoffeeSock are a little faster (20-30s) than when using the same coffee with a paper filter. You may need to make your grind a little finer than what you would normally use for paper filter.

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