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Medicine Flower Flavouring Oils

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  • Qualities: Potent flavor and aroma-rich
  • Properties: Derived from plant sources, oil & water soluble
  • Origin: United States
  • Cultivation method: Sustainably-sourced

These food-grade flavoring oils are useful for a wide array of culinary and cosmetic applications. They are produced from completely natural sources, wildcrafted or sustainably sourced, and 100% non-GMO. They are cold process-extracted and do not employ colourants, fillers, diluting agents, or preservatives. They are sugar, wheat, and gluten-free, and contain no calories. May also be used to scent products such as massage oils and cosmetics.

Extremely potent: only a few drops are needed to enhance anything from bubbly drinks to bubble baths. Fantastic in raw food recipes, and will not seize in chocolate making.

Bergamot Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced bergamot flavouring oil

Dark Chocolate Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced dark chocolate flavouring oil

Lemon Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced lemon flavouring oil

Mint Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced mint flavouring oil

Morello Cherry Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced Morello cherry flavouring oil

Orange Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced Orange flavouring oil

Peach Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced peach flavouring oil

Pineapple Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced pineapple flavouring oil

Rose Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced rose flavouring oil

Strawberry Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced strawberry flavouring oil

Vanilla Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced vanilla flavouring oil

Wild Raspberry Flavour: Food-grade, naturally-sourced wild raspberry flavouring oil