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Nasal & Sinus Saline Solution Spray



  • Designed to provide quick relief from all types of nasal and sinus irritation.
  • Reduces fungi and bacteria which can irritate the nasal passages, and lead to chronic sinus conditions.
  • Can be used as a preventative for colds and flu, as well as a daily maintenance while travelling.
  • As a flu preventative, best used together with our Throat & Gum Spray.

Our Nasal & Sinus Spray is a safe, 100% natural disinfectant which utilizes a proprietary organic plant acid (OPA) formula to reduce the proliferation of bacteria and airborne pathogens that can reside in the nasal and sinus.

Recommended Use: Spray 2-3 times per day directly into nostrils. For chronic sinus conditions, use a minimum of 3 x per day for 2-3 months.

Aqua, Nutra OPA (organic plant acids), sodium chloride.

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