Earth's Aromatique

Nourishing Face Oil



  • Qualities: Lighter, well absorbed by skin
  • Properties: Moisturizing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory & healing
  • Origin: Multiple origins
  • Cultivation: Mixed cultivation (organic & conventional)
  • Nourishing Face Oil is a blend of hazelnut seed oil, camellia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and beta carotene, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, di-alpha tocopherol acetate & calendula extract.

Extraction Method: Combination

Shelf Life: 1 year

Storage: Always keep tightly sealed in a cool, dark place. (Refrigeration is recommended where possible). Heat, oxygen, and light degrade the product. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Use at full strength (undiluted).

Corylus avellana (hazelnut), Camellia japonica (camellia), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil and Beta carotene (carrot), Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), Oenothera biennis (evening primrose), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Calendula officinalis (Calendula CO2) extract.

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