Reusable Beeswax Large Produce Bag (Single Pack)



  • Large reusable produce bag
  • Made from cotton & Canadian beeswax
  • 14” x 11”; Available in Blue, Green, Grey & Orange

It’s all about making life simpler + greener. BeeBagz are a socially responsible alternative to single-use plastic bags. Ideal for cold food items and produce and easy to clean. Made from ethically sourced Canadian beeswax, cotton, jojoba oil, and natural resin, with proper care your BeeBagz will last for years. Beeswax is naturally repellant to moisture, odour, and bacteria.

This large BeeBagz produce bag is a whopping 14” x 11” and green in colour. Think big, leafy vegetables such as kale, lettuce, broccoli, and more! Keeps a loaf of bread fresh for days.

To use, place food items inside and fold the top of the bag down. Seal it shut with a pinch of your fingers: the warmth of your hands seals the bag shut.

Care instructions: Due to the nature of natural beeswax, your BeeBag will be slightly sticky at first. After repeated uses the stickiness diminishes and the bag becomes incredibly pliable and secure. To clean, simply wipe with a rag lightly moistened with mild dish soap and rinse under cool water. Avoid scrubbing or harsh cleaners, and do not expose to hot water, microwaves, or dishwashers.

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