Unplastic Silicone Sealed Lid



  • Stretchy silicone reusable lid
  • Fits over mason jars, cups, pint glasses, and more
  • Dishwasher safe, phthalate & filler-free

This colourful & stretchy food-saver has our seal of approval. It was created with the intention of diverting disposable plastics from landfills, oceans, and our bodies. Dutifully replaces plastic wrap and disposable lids. Seals in liquids and keeps food fresh. Ideal for mason jars, pint glasses, and opened cans. Will even fit over freshly halved fruit such as oranges or avocados! 100% platinum silicone.

Fits 7-12cm diameter objects. Dishwasher safe and free of toxic fillers and phthalates.

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