Discover Sea Buckthorn: Nature's Gift for Health and Beauty

Step into the enchanting world of natural health and beauty, where one humble fruit reigns supreme – sea buckthorn! Known as the "wonder berry," this resilient gem has woven its way through centuries of traditional remedies and modern marvels, due to its highly nutritious properties.

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is a thorny shrub native to Northern and Central Europe, Caucasus, and Asia, renowned for its small, orange, juicy berries. It was introduced to Canada in the 1930's and is now cultivated throughout the country.

The name "Hippophae" traces its roots to Greek, signifying its historical use as food for horses, which imparted them with a lustrous coat. Sea buckthorn is also known as Siberian pineapple, sandthorn, sallowthorn, and seaberry. 

The Science of Sea Buckthorn

Diving into the scientific literature on sea buckthorn reveals a treasure trove of health benefits. Recent studies have illuminated its rich array of fatty acids - from omegas-3, 6, 9, to the super rare omega-7 - each playing a vital role in bolstering cardiovascular health, taming inflammation, and nurturing skin radiance [Huang et al., 2014]. 

A Cornucopia of Nutrients Awaits

Sea Buckthorn contains high levels of carotenoids, boasting beta-carotene and lycopene, which give this beautiful oil its vibrant orange hue. These carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that shield against oxidative stress [Proksch et al., 2008]. Its vitamin C content rivals citrus fruits, and it contains high levels of vitamin E, strengthening immune and connective tissues [Staňková et al., 2013].

The Beauty Alchemy of Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn's transformative powers in the realm of skincare are truly spectacular. Its blend of fatty acids and antioxidants breathes new life into tired skin, stimulating collagen production and erasing the signs of time [Zielińska and Nowak, 2014]. 

Sea Buckthorn Skincare and Supplements 

Weleda features the healing and restorative powers of sea buckthorn in their  Hydrating line of body wash, body lotionhand cream and after shower oil. Savour their bright, fruity aroma as they leave your skin velvety soft and supple.



Regenerate your complexion and banish dullness with Odacité's All Embracing Serum. Infused with amethyst and formulated with sea buckthorn, watermelon seed, and chia seed oils, it deeply rejuvenates and moisturizes mature, dry or dull skin types. An excellent serum for gua sha! 

The nutritive properties of sea buckthorn give the Seabuckthorn Tamanu All Over Lotion by Living Libations its restorative properties. Quench parched skin with this deeply hydrating lotion, which is both ultra-moisturizing and feather-light. It provides intense nourishment and shields your skin, resulting in a velvety, baby-soft feel.

Add sea buckthorn to your supplement routine! It's rich source of omega fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants support optimal cardiovascular and cognitive wellness, and its skin-protective benefits are enhanced when also taken internally (supplementing with sea buckthorn is particularly helpful for inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne). Try New Roots Sea Buckthorn Oil Softgels.


Try your hand at natural DIY skincare, infused with the nutrition of sea buckthorn! Our DIY Sunshine Scrub gently sloughs off dry, scaly skin and bathes it in a beautiful blend of babassu, camellia, and sea buckthorn oils in an ultra-moisturizing, transformative blend that will uplift the senses with its bouquet of floral and citrus essential oils. 

Embrace the Many Benefits of Sea Buckthorn 

Invite the natural wonders of sea buckthorn into your daily routine! Pamper your skin with luxurious sea buckthorn-infused products, or take as an internal supplement for optimal cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory support. Whether you seek inner vitality or outer radiance, sea buckthorn offers a sustainable, science-backed solution for holistic well-being.


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